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How to install and launch the VMware View 4.5 Client (1030742)

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This article provides steps to install and launch the VMware View 4.5 Client



Systems running the VMware View 4.5 Client components must meet certain hardware and software requirements. The View 4.5 Client uses Microsoft Internet Explorer Internet settings, including proxy settings, when connecting to the View 4.5 Connection Server. Ensure that your Internet Explorer settings are accurate and that you can access the View Connection Server URL through Internet Explorer.
VMware View 4.5 Client Prerequisites:
  • Verify that you have the URL for the View Connection Server instance
  • Verify that you can log in as an administrator-level user on the system which is intended for the View Client installation
  • Verify that a virtual desktop has been created and that the user account you plan to use is entitled to access this desktop
  • Verify that the system intended for the View Client installation uses a certified and supported operating system
  • Verify that the View Agent is not installed on the machine intended for the View Client installation
  • If you plan to install View Client with Local Mode, verify that your license includes View Client with Local Mode
  • If you plan to install View Client with Local Mode, verify that none of the following products are already installed: VMware View Client, VMware Player, VMware Workstation, VMware ACE, VMware Server
  • Determine whether the user who uses the client device is allowed to access locally connected USB devices from a virtual desktop. If not, you must deselect the USB Redirection component that the wizard presents
  • If you plan to install the USB Redirection component, verify that the Windows Automatic Update feature is not turned off on the client computer
View Client with Local Mode:
  • View Client with Local Mode is supported only on Windows systems and only on physical computers. In addition, to use this feature, your VMware license must include View Client with Local Mode.
  • View Client with Local Mode is the fully supported feature that in earlier releases was an experimental feature called View Client with Offline Desktop.
Client Browser Requirements for View Portal: 
From a client system, you can browse to a View Connection Server instance and use the View Portal to install a Mac-based View Client, a Windows-based View Client, or View Client with Local Mode. If you use Internet Explorer, the View Portal indicates when a new version of View Client is available for download.
To use View Portal, you must have one of the following Web browsers: 
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Firefox 3.0
  • Firefox 3.5
If you use Internet Explorer and you already have the View Client installed, if the version available from View Connection Server is newer than that installed on the client device, you can choose to upgrade. If the version is the same as that on the client device, the View Portal starts the View Client installed on the local system. 
Note: The View Portal does not support Linux. A native client for Linux is available only through certified VMware partners.
 For additional information relating to View Client requirements and installation instructions, see VMware View Installation Guide.

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