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Cannot connect to vCenter Server (1029135)

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This article provides information on troubleshooting the inability to connect to vCenter Server (previously called VirtualCenter) from the VMware View administration portal.

To successfully connect to vCenter Server from VMware View manager, ensure that:

  • The computer hosting vCenter Server has an active network connection.
  • vCenter Server is actually running.
  • vCenter Server is reachable from the VMware View Administration portal.
  • You can resolve the hostname of the vCenter Server from your VMware View Connection Server.
  • The vCenter Server user that you specified in the View Administrative Portal settings has the correct permissions with the correct password specified.
  • There are not any third-party interaction issues with the operating system hosting VMware View or vCenter Server


Each step below provides instructions and a link to a document, for performing the step and taking corrective action as necessary. The steps are ordered in the most appropriate sequence to isolate the issue and to identify the proper resolution. They are also ordered in the most appropriate sequence to minimize data loss. After each step, try to connect to your vCenter/VirtualCenter server. Work through each troubleshooting step in order, and do not skip a step.

If you can not connect to vCenter Server:

  1. Confirm that a network port exists and is available. For more information, see Increasing the number of ports assigned to a VMware View virtual switch (1026014).

  2. Confirm that the necessary VMware View manager services are running. For more information, see Verifying that required VMware View Manager services are running (1026136).

  3. Confirm that the network is configured correctly for use in a VMware View environment. For more information, see Network configuration in VMware View virtual desktops (1026498).

  4. Confirm that name resolution is operating correctly in your environment. For more information, see Verifying DNS settings for VMware View (1026017).

  5. Confirm that permissions/credentials are correct for the vCenter Server user. For more information, see Confirm permissions/credentials are correct for vCenter/VirtualCenter server user (1028705).

  6. Confirm that third-party interaction issues do not exist with the operating system. For more information, see Confirming that third-party interaction issues do not exist with the operating system in a VMware View environment (1027466).

If the issue persists after completing the steps in this article:

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