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Changing the IP address of the VMware vCloud Director server (1028657)

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This article provides steps to change the IP address of an installed vCloud Director server.


To change the IP address of an installed vCloud Director server:
  1. Ensure to shutdown all the cells.

    To shutdown a cell, run this command from within the Red Hat system which is hosting the vCloud Director software:

    service vmware-vcd stop

    Note: Starting with vCD 5.1, you can choose to quiesce the cells, gracefully complete the running tasks, and suspend the task scheduler using the Cell Management Tool. For more information, see Using the Cell Management Tool to shut down a vCloud Director cell (1033575).

  2. Change the column value of PRIMARY_IP in the CELLS table to the new primary IP.

    1. If you are using an Oracle database, run this command from the command prompt:

      sqlplus vcloud-db-user/vcloud-db-user-password

      If you are using Microsoft SQL database proceed to the next step.

    2. Execute these SQL statements:

      1. select name from cells;

        Note: This returns a list of all the cells in the cluster.

      2. update cells set primary_ip='new-cell-primary-ip' where name='name-of-the-cell';

        Where new-cell-primary-ip is the new primary IP of the vCloud Director server and name-of-the-cell is the name of the cell from Step i.

      3. commit;

        Note: This step (iii) is only required if you are using an Oracle database.

      4. From within the Red Hat system which is hosting the vCloud Director software, navigate into the $VCLOUD_HOME/etc directory using the cd command and change these values in the file:

        • vcloud.cell.ip.primary – Change it to the new primary IP address
        • – Change it to the new console proxy IP address
        • vcloud.cell.ips – Change both the IPs in this field appropriately

      5. Restart the cells.

        To restart a cell, run this command:

        service vmware-vcd start

        Note: If the SSL certificates that the vCloud Director environment uses were configured using IP addresses instead of domain names and the IP address of the vCloud Director server is changed as per the above instructions, then these SSL certificates may also need to be updated. For additional information, see Generating SSL certificates for VMware vCloud Director (1026309).

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