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FAQ: VMware View 4.5 new features and licensing information (1027460)

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This article provides answers to some frequently asked questions about the new features and licensing for VMware View 4.5


What are the new features in VMware View 4.5?
The following is a summary of new features included in VMware View 4.5:
  • VMware View Client with Local Mode (formerly known as Offline Desktop)
  • Complete support for Windows 7
  • View Administrator enhancements include application assignment, new Adobe Flex-based UI, increased scale and efficiency, system and user diagnostics, and improved extensibility.
  • View Composer enhancements including support for tiered storage
  • PCoIP support for smart cards
  • VMware ThinApp enhancements including support for Internet Explorer 6, Windows 7 support and performance acceleration
  • Support for VMware vShield Endpoint 1.0
How do I buy VMware View?
VMware View is available in two primary editions: Enterprise and Premier. Both editions are sold through the VMware Store, and also through authorized VMware resellers and desktop competency partners.

Will my License keys for VMware View 4 work with VMware View 4.5?
Yes, existing customers can use their VMware View 4 license keys to license VMware View 4.5.

Have the VMware View editions changed?
VMware View is still available in Enterprise and Premier editions and can be purchased as a bundle or as an add-on for those who have existing vSphere licenses from a separate purchase (not part of a View bundle). With View 4.5, customers have an upgrade path available from View Enterprise and View Premier add-ons to full bundles. Key updates include:
  • View Enterprise Starter Kit and View Premier Starter Kit now include VMware vCenter Standard for Desktops (updated from VMware vCenter Foundation for Desktops). 
  • View Premier bundles, View Premier add-ons, and View Premier upgrades now include two new components introduced with View 4.5: vShield Endpoint and View Client with Local Mode(formerly known as Offline Desktop)
What is the difference between View Enterprise and View Premier?
View Premier includes all the features and capabilities of View Enterprise, and includes these additional components:
  • View Composer for storage optimization
  • ThinApp for application virtualization
  • vShield Endpoint for centralized Antivirus and Malware scanning
  • View Client with Local Mode for offline access to View desktops
Can only vSphere be used with View Manager 4.5?
  • VMware View Manager 4.5 works with vSphere 4.1 and also on older versions of vSphere, including VMware Infrastructure 3.5 Update 4, vSphere 4 and vSphere 4 Update 1.
  • View Manger 4.5 works with any vSphere edition, including Enterprise plus, Enterprise, Standard, and Advanced. Additionally, View Manager works with Essentials and Essentials Plus, but customers may not exceed the restrictions on number of hosts associated with those vSphere packages.
  • View 3.0, View 4.0, and View 4.0.1 currently do not work with vSphere 4.1.
  • vShield Endpoint works with View 4.5 and vSphere 4.1, but is not supported by older versions of View or vSphere.

    Note: The new features are only included in the latest release View Manager.

Will the connection broker stop connecting users when the license is exceeded?
No, the VMware View Manager is licensed per concurrent connected user, but the licensing is enforced by the EULA and thus relies on the administrator to monitor the number of users that are connected. For more information, see the EULA.

What vSphere edition does the View 100 pack contain?
All View bundles include vSphere for Desktops which has the same functionalities and features as vSphere 4.1 Enterprise Plus. The vSphere for Desktops is licensed per concurrent connection. This means that you can deploy as many hosts as needed to support the number of concurrent connections for which you are licensed.

How are the View bundles licensed? Is it per desktop or virtual machine or actual accounts in AD?
View bundles and a la carte VMware View Manager are licensed per concurrent connection The software does not perform a check to assess the type or number of workloads on a vSphere host, but the End User License Agreement (EULA) requires that users do not exceed the number of powered on desktop virtual machines purchased. For more information, see the EULA.

Can the edition of vCenter included with the View bundles be used to manage vSphere hosts with server workloads?
No. The vCenter included with the View bundle is restricted to managing desktop virtual machines. The only exception to this rule are the virtual machines running the components of the virtual desktop infrastructure, such as View Manager, vCenter Server, another Connection Broker and/or any management and performance monitoring tools used solely for vSphere hosted desktop virtual machine(s).

Can I run View Bundle and a View add-on to run in the same environment?
View bundles include all the components (vSphere, vCenter,View Manager) for end to end desktop deployments and are licensed by concurrent connection. View add-on SKUs only include the desktop components included in View Manager. View add-ons require a la carte vSphere license to support the concurrent connections purchased. View add-ons cannot be deployed onto the vSphere included in a View bundle as those are restricted to the number of concurrent connections purchased in the bundle. It is recommended that customers choose a licensing path of bundles or add-ons to simplify license management.

How is the license for View Client with Local Mode counted?
Virtual machines that are deployed in Local Mode are counted as a concurrent connection and count towards the total number of concurrent connections owned by the customer.

Additional Information

For more information viewing your license keys, and for links to articles about managing your license keys, see Viewing license keys in My VMware (2006831).

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