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ThinDirect.txt syntax for redirecting Web sites from native Internet Explorer to a virtual browser such as virtual Internet Explorer 6 (1026635)

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This article provides the syntax for the ThinDirect.txt file that specifies the websites to redirect from native Internet Explorer to a virtual browser such as Virt IE6.


In ThinApp Setup Capture, your entries in the Native Browser Redirection window create the ThinDirect.txt file in the captured browser's project directory. You may also manually create or edit the ThinDirect.txt file in the project directory for a virtual browser.
The Native Browser Redirection window appears in Setup Capture if you have captured a virtual browser or have chosen to fully virtualize Internet Explorer, which sets up the capture of virtual Internet Explorer 6 for you.

The presence of a ThinDirect.txt file in the project directory for a virtual browser causes the ThinDirect redirection feature to be built into the virtual browser.

In the ThinDirect.txt file, you can enter lines like the following:
This entry causes any web page on the entire website to be redirected to the virtual browser.
This entry causes a specific page on this website to be redirected to the virtual browser.*.aspx
With a wildcard, all web pages on this website with the .aspx suffix are redirected to the virtual browser.*
Any web page with this path on the website is redirected to the virtual browser.
Any page that ends in ‘’ is redirected.

With the "-", the specific site '' is not redirected.  This can be used with wildcards to redirect every site in a domain except for specific sites.  This entry should come after the wildcard entry.

Each entry requires a separate line.

You do not use a semicolon to separate entries.

Use forward slashes in this syntax.

Note that you can use wildcards.

‘#’ at the beginning of a line is a comment line. You may enter a space after the ‘#’ for readability; no space is required.

The ‘www.’ is required in this syntax. However, you may use a wildcard at the beginning. For example:


You do not need ‘http’ or ‘https’ in this syntax. You can include these prefixes, or not.

If you do not enter ‘http’ and ‘https’, both types of web pages on a particular website will be redirected to the virtual browser. If you enter either ‘http’ or ‘https’, the other is excluded.

The only size limitation for this file is available memory, so essentially there is no limit.

If you make a syntax error in ThinDirect.txt, those lines are silently ignored, and no error messages appear.

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