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Using ThinApp ThinDirect to set up redirection from the native Internet Explorer to a virtual browser such as virtual Internet Explorer 6 (Virt IE6) (1026566)

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This article describes how to use ThinApp ThinDirect to set up redirection of web pages from native Internet Explorer to a virtual browser such as Virtual Internet Explorer 6 or virtual Firefox.


ThinApp ThinDirect allows you to specify particular web pages to be redirected to open in Virtual Internet Explorer 6 or another virtual browser, instead of in the native Internet Explorer. When you open any of these web pages with native Internet Explorer, they are redirected to open in the virtual browser.

ThinDirect is implemented as a plug-in to native Internet Explorer. ThinDirect, or native browser redirection, works with native IE6, IE7, or IE8. Redirection can be to any virtual browser, including Virtual Internet Explorer 6 created in ThinApp.

Steps to set up redirection

First, start the sequence within Setup Capture to capture a virtual browser. This may be Virtual Internet Explorer 6 (Virt IE6) or another browser. See:

Creating the ThinDirect.txt file for redirection of web pages

If you wish to implement ThinApp ThinDirect, you must create a ThinDirect.txt file for the virtual browser that you want to redirect web pages to.

There are two ways to create a ThinDirect.txt redirection file:

  • Make entries in the Native Browser Redirection window in Setup Capture, or

  • Manually create and / or edit a ThinDirect.txt file in the project directory for the captured application.

ThinApp detects the creation of a virtual browser in the Setup Capture sequence. A supplementary Native Browser Redirection window opens after the postscan, among the configuration windows. You enter a list of URLs that you want redirected from the native Internet Explorer to the virtual browser.

Enter the websites you want to redirect to the browser you are virtualizing. See:

ThinDirect.txt Syntax for Redirection from Native Internet Explorer to a Virtual Browser

The results of your entries in this window create a ThinDirect.txt file in the project folder for the captured browser.

(You are not required to have an automatic redirection file for a virtual browser; you can simply create the virtual browser and use it without automatic redirection of web pages to the virtual browser.)

Building the virtual browser package

Then save the project and build the virtual browser.

If ThinApp finds ThinDirect.txt in the project folder for the application you are virtualizing, ThinApp automatically builds ThinDirect.txt into the virtual package, just as for any file in the file system of the project.

In addition, if ThinDirect.txt is present:

  • ThinApp builds ThinDirect.dll, the ThinDirect plug-in, into the package
  • ThinApp builds ThinDirectLauncher.exe, the virtual browser launcher, into the package
The virtual browser executable now includes these three files (the redirection file; the plug-in; and the launcher).
Next step
The next step is to deploy the virtual browser and implement ThinDirect redirection for users. See:

Installation and Registration of a Virtual Browser That Includes ThinApp ThinDirect to Redirect Web Pages from Native Internet Explorer to a Virtual Browser Like Internet Explorer 6

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