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Installing VMware vCloud Director software on additional servers (1026382)

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This articles provides steps to automate the installation of VMware vCloud Director software on additional servers.


After you have installed and configured VMware vCloud Service Director software the first server , you can add more servers to the cluster. To automate installation of additional servers, the installer can use the response file that is created the first time you run the configuration script.

Note: All servers in a VMware vCloud Service Director cluster must be configured with the same database connection details. To ensure that this requirement is met, use the response file created by the first server installation to supply this information during installation of the remaining servers in the cluster. The response file is saved in /opt/vmware/cloud-director/etc/ on the first server host you install. VMware recommends that you preserve a copy of this file in a location that is accessible to all target hosts so that you can use it whenever you add a host to the cluster.

To install VMware vCloud Director software on additional servers:
  1. Log in to the target host as root.
  2. Download the installation file to the target host. If you purchased the software on a CD or other media, copy the installation file to a location that is accessible to all target hosts.
  3. Ensure that the installation file is executable.

    Note: The installation file requires execute permission. To be sure that it has this permission, open a console, shell, or terminal window and run the command:

    # chmod u+x installation-file

    Where installation-file is the full pathname to the VMware vCloud Service Director installation file.

  4. Execute the installation file, supplying the response file pathname. To use the response file, specify the -r option on the installation command line, and supply the full pathname to the response file as the argument to that option.

    # installation-file -r path-to-response-file

    The installer prompts for network connection information and asks you to accept the license agreement. When you accept the agreement, the installation completes using the responses from the response file.

  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for any additional servers that you want to add to this cluster. After the configuration script has completed and vCloud Director services are running on all servers, you can open the vCloud Setup Wizard at the URL displayed when the script completes.

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05/21/2012 - Added 1.5.x to product versions. 09/18/2014 - Added VMware vCloud Director 5.x products

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