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Installing VMware vCloud Director software on the first server (1026381)

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This articles provides steps to install VMware vCloud Director software on the first server.


The VMware vCloud Director installer verifies that the target host meets all prerequisites, prompts you to accept the license terms, and then installs VMware vCloud Director software on the host.
VMware vCloud Director software is distributed as a Linux executable file. Executing this file requires superuser (root) privileges. After the software is installed on the target host, you are given the option to run a configuration script that enables you to specify network and database connection details for the cluster.

Note: Target hosts and the network that connects them must meet the requirements specified in VMware vCloud Director 1.0 installation requirements (1026084).

To install VMware vCloud Director software on the first server:
  1. Log in to the target host as root.
  2. Download the installation file to the target host. If you purchased the software on a CD or other media, copy the installation file to a location that is accessible to all target hosts.
  3. Ensure that the installation file is executable.

    Note: The installation file requires execute permission. To be sure that it has this permission, open a console, shell, or terminal window and run the command:

    # chmod u+x installation-file

    Where installation-file is the full pathname to the VMware vCloud Director installation file.

  4. In a console, shell, or terminal window, execute the installation file. To execute the installation file, type its full pathname (for example./installation_file). The installation file includes an installation script and an embedded RPM package. The installer verifies that the host meets all prerequisites and then displays the VMware vCloud Director license agreement.
  5. Review the license agreement. Press y, then press Enter to accept the license agreement.

    Note: Press n, then press Enter to reject the license agreement. If you reject the license agreement, you cannot proceed with the installation.

  6. When you accept the license agreement, the installer unpacks the VMware vCloud Director RPM package and then installs the software. After the software has been installed, the installer shows the message:

    Would you like to run the script now? (y/n)?

    To run the configuration script now, press y, then press Enter. Otherwise, press n, then press Enter to exit to the shell.

    Note: For more information, see Configuring network and database connections for VMware vCloud Director (1026384).

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