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Determining display and screen resolution settings for PCoIP (1024611)

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  • PCoIP connections result in a black display
  • PCoIP connections result in unexpected resolutions


This article provides steps to ensure that the Video RAM (VRAM) settings in the Virtual Machine settings (.vmx) file are set properly for multimonitor access when using the PCoIP protocol.


When using PCoIP with multiple monitors, it is necessary to make sure that the maximum screen resolution and maximum number of monitors is calculated as a multiple of 64. Any combination of resolution and number of monitors that results in a VRAM size that is a multiple of 64 works.

The amount of VRAM allocated to a virtual machine using PCoIP is determined by the display protocol options in the Pool Settings tab.

Note: The calculations below are for VRAM in KB.

To best determine the setting, use this calculation:

((width * numMonitors) * (height * numMonitors) * 4) / 1024

Example: Consider these settings:

  • Maximum screen resolution setting of 1600x1200 with 2 monitors

    ((1600 * 2) * (1200 * 2) * 4) / 1024 = 30000

    30000/64= 468.75

    This is not a valid configuration as it is not evenly divisible by 64.

  • Maximum screen resolution setting of 1600x1200 with 4 monitors

    ((1600 * 4) * (1200 * 4) * 4) / 1024 = 120000

    120000/64 = 1875.00

    This is a valid configuration as it is evenly divisible by 64.



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