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Volume Purchasing Program (VPP) FAQ - General Information (1024540)

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This article provides general information about VMware's Volume Purchasing Program (VPP).


What is the VMware Volume Purchasing Program (VPP)?
VMware’s Volume Purchasing Program (VPP) is an end customer purchasing program that rewards our customers, and helps maximize their investment in VMware software. By enrolling and purchasing under VPP, customers can lower their total cost of VMware software ownership over a rolling two-year period. VPP rewards customers for prior purchases, enables consistent savings for customers and their authorized affiliates, and provides online tools to manage their VPP membership.
When will VPP become available to customers to use to purchase VMware product?
VPP launches on Monday, July 26, 2010. Customers may enroll for a VPP membership on July 19, 2010.
Is there a separate VPP program for Public Sector customers?
No, VMware is launching one VPP with clear and globally consistent program rules for all VMware customers with the exception of US Federal customers who will continue to receive volume discounts using their current program.

Who do I contact if I have problems with my Points Portal?
Please feel free to contact your VMware authorized partner or the VPP team at
What happens to customers who hold an active membership under the old VPP?
All VPP customers with active memberships as of July 1, 2010 will be automatically migrated into the new accumulative VPP at the same or better discounts that were granted in VPP. All VPP Bands C and D customers who have an active membership as of July 1, 2010 will maintain their current VPP discounts for 1 or 2 years depending on their membership type.
What is the first date that a new customer can enroll in the new accumulative VPP?
The new accumulative VPP enrollment portal will open on July 19, 2010.
What is the first date that a PO can be submitted using the new VPP?
The first day that POs can be submitted under the new accumulative VPP is July 26, 2010.
What are the key differences between the old VPP and the new accumulative VPP?
The new accumulative VPP allows end customers (and their affiliates) to automatically earn higher discounts as their spend increases. This table summarizes the key differences: 
"Old" VPP Program "New" Accumulative VPP
Accumulation of Points None Points accumulate over 8 quarters with quarterly roll off
Affiliates Share Parent discount at Bands C&D Share Parent Discount at all Levels
Entry Threshold 500 points U.S. & EMEA;
350 points APAC,
Canada and LATAM;
100 points Public Sector
250 points worldwide
Minimum SubsequentPurchase 100 points Commercial,
50 points Public Sector
Program Coverage VPP for Commercial
PS VPP for Public Sector
One program for all customers
Discounts Available on License and SnS
(Bands C&D only)
License only
Online Tools

Points Configurator and
Membership lookup

Points Configurator,
Membership lookup, Points
Portal, Enrollment Portal
What is the first date that the new Configurator is available?
The first day that the new Configurator can be used is July 19, 2010.
How will current VPP customers be notified about their new VPP membership numbers?
Prior to July 26, 2010, all VPP customers who have active membership will be notified via e-mail with the following information: (1) their new VPP membership number, (2) access to their online “Points Portal” that tracks earned discount levels and accumulated points, and (3) a link to the VPP Program Guide.
What are the requirements to become a VPP member?
All VMware Customers are eligible to enroll for a VPP membership at However, discounts are earned and applied only when a qualifying purchase is made against a VPP membership number. US Federal customers will continue to receive volume discounts using their current program. Academic customers who purchase academic SKUs are not eligible to participate in VPP.
Are US Federal customers eligible to participate in VPP?
US Federal customers may receive volume discounts using their current program.
Can Academic customers participate in VPP?
Academic customers who purchase academic SKUs are not eligible to participate in VPP.
Are OEMs eligible to participate in VPP?
No, OEMs are not eligible to participate in VPP.
What products can earn for VPP points?
Most VMware license and SnS products, except renewals, contribute to customer qualification in VPP.
Are Support & Subscription (SnS) products eligible for VPP discounts?
No, only license products are eligible for VPP discounts. SnS products count towards customer qualification in VPP.
Are Acceleration Kits eligible for VPP discounts?
Acceleration kits provide our customers with an out-of-the box virtualization solution and are priced at a significant discount when compared to the a-la-carte prices of the products. As such, acceleration kits earn VPP points, but do not qualify for VPP discounts.
Can a customer use VPP Membership Renewal credits in the new VPP?
No, VPP membership renewal credits are no longer valid.
How can a customer qualify for VPP discounts?
There are two steps to qualify for a VPP discount. First, Customer must enroll for a VPP membership at Second, an order worth 250 points or more must be placed in the name of the VPP customer and must include their VPP membership number.
Is there minimum re-order size for subsequent orders?
As long as a customer maintains a balance of at least 250 points, there is no minimum re-order size.
Does a customer need to renew a VPP membership?
No, VPP memberships do not expire. However, the customers discount level may change after 2 years. A customer may hold a VPP membership number without any active discounts.
What happens if an order is placed that does not reference a VPP Membership number?
VPP orders submitted without a VPP Membership number will not accumulate points nor will they earn VPP discounts.
Where can I find additional information about VPP?
You can visit the VPP landing page at to find more information about the program.

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