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Troubleshooting ESXi 4.1 Scripted Install errors (1022308)

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This article provides troubleshooting assistance for ESXi 4.1 Scripted Install issues. 
Note: This is not a comprehensive guide on setting up Scripted Install. For more information on setting up Scripted Install, see the ESXi Installable and vCenter Server Setup Guide.



The installer parses a log file before running any of the commands. If there are syntax errors or incorrect command entries, these are displayed by the installer during the parsing phase.
If the Scripted Install breaks at any point during the deployment, the /var/log/weasel.log file (located on the host) may indicate the reason.  To check the contents the weasel.log file, press ALT+F1 from the install screen and log in as root with no password.
Caution: Do not reboot the ESXi host after the install fails, or the weasel.log file is lost. Weasel is VMware’s boot loader for ESX/ESXi.

Common errors

This list of errors may help you troubleshoot common Scripted Install issues:
  • Error 1:

    Error (see log for more info):
    An error has occurred while parsing the installation script
    error:nfs:// 8: The disk (mpx.vmhba1:C0:T0:L0) specified in autopart is too small

    To resolve this error, ensure that the boot disk is at least 5 GB (the minimum size required for Scripted Install).
  • Error 2:

    Error (see log for more info)
    Error copying / downloading file
    NFS mount failure for URL nfs://

    To get more information about this error:
    1. Press ALT+F1.
    2. Login as root with no password.
    3. Change to the /var/log folder.
    4. Read the contents of the weasel.log. You may see an entry similar to:

      2010-01-14 09:37:30.285 INFO NFS source was not already mounted.  Mounting....
      2010-01-14 09:37:30.285 INFO NFS mount failure (Unable to resolve hostname for host root /
      2010-01-14 09:37:30.285 ERROR Could not open file over NFS nfs://
      2010-01-14 09:37:30.285 ERROR Exception: Error (see log for more info):
      Error copying / downloading file
      NFS mount failure for URL nfs://

      This log entry indicates that the file install does not exist. You must manually recreate the file. For more information, see the ESXi Installable and vCenter Server Setup Guide.
  • Error 3:

    Error (see log for more info):
    Error connecting to the network
    Did not get an IP Address from DHCP server

    This error may occur if the ks= command does not contain static IP information and if no DHCP server is reachable or configured. If there is no DHCP server, then you must assign a static address. Scripted Install defaults to DHCP when static addresses are not defined. If there is no DHCP server on the network, then the installer has no way of retrieving files over the network. 

You may also encounter this problem if your network is using VLANs and the vlan=xx (where xx is the VLAN being used) parameter is not specified.  Ensure that you read the ESXi Installable and vCenter Server Setup Guide for all valid parameters for the ks= command. 

  • Error 4:

    The following warnings were encountered while parsing the installation script
    warning:nfs:// 5: bootproto was set to static but "--hostname=" was not set.  Hostname will be set automatically.

    To avoid this warning and ensure a hands-off installation, specify a hostname when setting a static IP. If you do not specify a hostname, this warning continually displays and you have to press Enter each time to complete the installation.


scripted-install ks-errors

Update History

03/21/2012 - Added information about VLANs.

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