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Determining if Intel Virtualization Technology or AMD Virtualization is enabled in the BIOS without rebooting (1011712)

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When troubleshooting vMotion, Enhanced VMotion Capability (EVC), or 64bit virtual machine performance, you may need to determine if the Intel Virtualization Technology (VT) or AMD Virtualization (AMD-V) are enabled in the BIOS.
This article provides a method to determine if Intel VT or AMD-V are enabled in the BIOS without rebooting.


To determine if Intel VT or AMD-V are enabled in the BIOS:
  1. Log in to the ESX host as the root user. For more information, see Tech Support Mode for Emergency Support (1003677) for ESXi or Unable to connect to an ESX host using Secure Shell (SSH) (1003807) for ESX.
  2. Run this command:

    esxcfg-info|grep "\----\HV Support"

    The output of the HV Support command indicates the type of Hyper-visor support available. These are the descriptions for the possible values:

    0 - VT/AMD-V indicates that support is not available for this hardware.
    1 - VT/AMD-V in
    dicates that VT or AMD-V might be available but it is not supported for this hardware.
    2 - VT/AMD-V indicates that VT or AMD-V is
    available but is currently not enabled in the BIOS.
    3 - VT/AMD-V indicates that VT or AMD-V is enabled in the BIOS and can be used.

For more information, see Ensuring Virtualization Technology is enabled on your VMware host (1003944).

Additional Information

The AMD "Barcelona" CPU or newer is required for AMD-V support.  For more information, see the Hardware Technique: VT-x and AMD-V section in the Software and Hardware Techniques for x86 Virtualization document.

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08/02/2012 - Added link to article 1003944

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