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Installing Windows in a virtual machine using VMware Fusion Easy Install (1011677)

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VMware Fusion has a feature called Easy Install, which makes it faster to install Windows in virtual machines.

This article provides the steps to create a new Windows virtual machine using the Easy Install method.

Installation instructions if you are not using Easy Install can be found in the Guest Operating System Installation Guide.

If you would like to make your existing physical PC into a virtual machine, you can use Migration Assistant (Fusion 3.x and later only). For information, see Best practices for using and troubleshooting Migration Assistant (1017993).


  • Before creating a virtual machine, you must obtain the operating system and any necessary product keys for installation in that virtual machine. VMware Fusion does not come with any operating systems to install in virtual machines you create.
  • This method assumes that you are using a physical CD or a disk image (.iso / .cdr /.dmg file). You cannot create a Windows virtual machine by using .exe files downloaded from Microsoft, as those files need to be run on a Windows PC.

To create a new Windows virtual machine using the Easy Install method:

  1. In Fusion, go to File > New. The New Virtual Machine Assistant launches.
  2. If you have a physical CD/DVD of Windows, proceed to step 4.
  3. If you are using an .iso/.cdr /.dmg image file:

    For Fusion 8.x, 7.x and 6.x:

    1. Click Install from disc or image.
    2. Click Continue.
    3. Click Use another disc or disc image.
    4. Select the ISO you downloaded, then click Open.

    For Fusion 5.x and below:

    1. Click Continue without disk.
    2. Click Use operating system installation disc image..
    3. Select the ISO you downloaded, then click Open.

      If you are using the Mac's Remote Disc feature, see Using the MacBook Air's and Mac Mini's Remote Disc feature with Fusion (1013659).

  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to choose the operating system type that matches your installation media, appropriate license information and settings. For more information, see Creating a Virtual Machine Using Windows Easy Install in Getting Started with Fusion.
  5. Click Finish after reviewing the Virtual machine summary.
  6. Fusion prompts you to select a location to save the virtual machine, click Save to accept the default location, or choose a custom folder and click Save.
  7. The Windows installation begins.

For more information, see the Guest Operating System Installation Guide.

Additional Information

If the new virtual machine starts with the error No bootable device was detected, see Creating a Fusion virtual machine with a disk image (1015406).

If Windows does not recognize your license key, or if the Windows installer incorrectly reports that an existing copy of Windows needs to be present, see Creating a custom virtual machine in Fusion (1013810).

The VMware Tools installation should start automatically, once Windows has loaded. If it does not, see Installing VMware Tools in a Fusion virtual machine running Windows (1003417).



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