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Configuring vNetwork Distributed Switch using vCenter Server (1010557)

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This article provides steps to configure a vNetwork Distributed Switch using vCenter Server with the vSphere Client.

For more information, see Configuring a vSphere Distributed Switch in the vSphere Web Client in the VMware vSphere 5.1 Documentation Center.


To configure a vNetwork Distributed Switch:
  1. Create a vNetwork Distributed Virtual Switch:

    1. In vCenter Server, click Home > Inventory > Networking.

      Note: If you are in other locations, the New vDS option is disabled.

    2. Choose New vNetwork Distributed Switch General Properties and specify the:

      • Name of the Distributed Switch
      • Number of Uplink Ports

        Note: Uplinks can be renamed/added later.

    3. Click Next.

    4. In the Create vNetwork Distributed Switch GUI, under Add hosts and physical adapters:

      1. Click Add now or Add later.
      2. Choose the ESX/ESXi host.
      3. Select physical adapter to select adapter per ESX/ESXi

        Note: Click View Details to see the general adapter information and CDP Device and port ID.

    5. Click Next and Finish.

      Note: This automatically creates the default dvPortGroup, which can be deselected.

      At this point, the newly created dvSwitch is displayed under the Data center on the left panel.

  2. Modify vNetwork Distributed Virtual Switch (dvSwitch):

    Note: Uplinks are associated automatically at Distributed Switch creation time. If changes need to be applied, they have to be applied from the host.

    1. Go to Home > Inventory > Networking.
    2. Right-click on the desired dvSwitch and click Edit Settings.
    3. Click General and specify these:

      • dvSwitch name
      • Number of dvUplink ports
      • Important administrator notes

    4. Click Advanced and specify these:

      • Max value for Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU)

        Useful for enabling Jumbo Frames. Supported value is up to 9000.

      • Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) Operation

        Select from the drop down menu the following options:
        • Listen,
        • Advertise
        • Both


    • Uplinks are associated automatically at Distributed Switch creation time. If changes need to be applied, they have to be applied from the host.

    • For additional Network adapters to appear in Network Adapters panel, click Host > Configuration > Networking and choose vDS view. Click Manage Physical Adapters.

  3. Modify and add vNetwork Distributed Port Groups (dvPortGroup). For more information, see vNetwork Distributed PortGroup (dvPortGroup) configuration (1010593).

  4. Configure Distributed Switch Virtual Adapters. For more information, see Configuring vNetwork Distributed Switch (vDS) Virtual Adapters (1010597).
For more information, see the vSphere Documentation Center.

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