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Update Manager does not download host updates (1008308)

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  • After running the Update Signatures task, the repository shows several updates for Windows and Linux guests, but no updates for ESX
  • The repository folder on the VUM server has no entries under the HostUpdates folder, but has all folders and files under the guest updates folder
  • In the vmware-vci-log4cpp log file you see:

    [2009-01-22 09:30:31:958 'VciSigUpdateTask.SigUpdateTask{5}' 1444 INFO]  [vciSigUpdateTask, 359] Downloading host update metadata.
    [2009-01-22 09:30:31:958 'VciSigUpdateTask.SigUpdateTask{5}' 1444 WARN]  [vciSigUpdateTask, 446] Empty host list.
    [2009-01-22 09:30:31:973 'VciSigUpdateTask.SigUpdateTask{5}' 1444 INFO]  [vciSigUpdateTask, 493] Downloading host update packages.
    [2009-01-22 09:30:31:973 'HostUpdatePackage' 1444 INFO]  [hostUpdatePackage, 476] Start reading new host updates from database.
    [2009-01-22 09:30:31:973 'HostUpdatePackage' 1444 INFO]  [hostUpdatePackage, 485] 0 new host updates found
    [2009-01-22 09:30:31:973 'VciSigUpdateTask.SigUpdateTask{5}' 1444 INFO]  [vciSigUpdateTask, 513] No new host update packages.


This issue occurs when there are no ESX hosts attached to VirtualCenter Server. VUM does not download any host updates for the appropriate versions of ESX in this scenario.

Add a host to the VirtualCenter Server and re-run the Update Signatures task. Any host updates are downloaded.

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