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Collecting diagnostic information for VMware ThinApp (1006152)

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VMware Technical Support routinely requests the diagnostic information when a support request is addressed. This diagnostic information contains product specific logs and configuration files from the host on which the product is run. This information is gathered using a specific script or tool within the product.
This article provides procedures for obtaining diagnostic information for VMware ThinApp.
The diagnostic information obtained by using this article is uploaded to VMware Technical Support. To uniquely identify your information, use the Support Request (SR) number you receive when you create the new SR.
For more information about opening a support request, see
For more information about uploading your support files, see Uploading diagnostic information to VMware (1008525).
For information about obtaining diagnostic information for other VMware products, see Collecting diagnostic information for VMware products (1008524).


To ensure the best possible support with your VMware ThinApp problem, include as much of the information and data described below as possible when you file your service request.

Required information

Answer these questions:

  • What version of ThinApp (including build number) are you using?
  • What is the application that was captured?
  • On what operating system was the capture performed?
  • On what operating system does the problem occur?
  • Provide a detailed and precise, step-by-step description of the process used for the capture
  • Provide a detailed and precise, step-by-step description of how to reproduce the problem

Required data

Provide the following additional data:

  • A ZIP or RAR archive of your ThinApp project, usually in the C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware ThinApp\Captures\application directory, where application corresponds to the captured application.


    • Do not include the application's bin subdirectory.
    • If the application is not running on the computer that has ThinApp installed, use a network share to access the directory on the ThinApp computer.

  • If possible, the native application installer(s), including activation keys and/or licenses.

Additional required data

The following additional data may be requested to facilitate an in-depth analysis:
  • Your compiled ThinApp package (i.e., the BIN directory, excluding any trace files).
  • A ThinApp Log Monitor text trace report for a single failed session of the captured application. If the issue is intermittent, please separate traces from successful runs into a different folder for clarity.

    To generate a text trace report:

    1. Confirm that the application is not running.
    2. On the computer where you captured the application, select Start > Programs > VMware > ThinApp Log Monitor.
      Alternatively, to start Log Monitor on a deployment machine, copy the log_monitor.exe, logging.dll, and Setup Capture.exe files from C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware ThinApp to the deployment machine and double-click the log_monitor.exe file
    3. Run the application until the problem occurs.
    4. Click Kill in ThinApp Monitor .
    5. Click Browse to select the trace file.
    6. Click Browse to select the text trace report name and location.
    7. Click Generate text trace report.

  • Any other relevant data, such as:

    • Windows Event Log messages
    • The captured application's own log files, if applicable
    • All relevant hostnames, IP addresses, usernames and passwords
    • Recorded video(s) to illustrate complex problem reproduction instructions
    • For issues that are particularly difficult to reproduce, or only occur in your environment due to specific application requirements (e.g., multi-tiered applications), we may request that you construct a problem reproduction environment within one or more virtual machines that can be transferred to our support staff (preferred), or remote access to your test site for debugging purposes

For additional information please see the section titled Troubleshoot Activity with Log Monitor in the Thinapp 4.7 Manual.

See Also

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