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ESX Server 3.0.2, Patch ESX-1004726: VMware VIX API Memory Overflow Vulnerabilities (1004726)

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Release Date: 06/03/08
Document Last Updated: 06/03/08

Product Versions
ESX Server 3.0.2
Patch Classification
Virtual Machine Migration or Reboot Required
ESX Server Host Reboot Required
PRs Fixed
Affected Hardware
Affected Software
RPMs Included
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The VIX API (also known as Vix) is an API that lets users write scripts and programs to manipulate virtual machines. It is high-level, easy to use, and practical for both script developers and application programmers. Buffer overflow vulnerabilities are present in the VIX API. Exploitation of these vulnerabilities might result in code execution on the host system or on the service console in ESX Server from the guest operating system.
The VIX API can be enabled and disabled using the vix.inGuest.enable setting in the VMware configuration file. This default value for this setting is "disabled." This configuration setting is present in the following products:
  • VMware Workstation 6.0.2 and higher
  • VMware ACE 6.0.2 and higher
  • VMware Server 1.06 and higher
  • VMware Fusion 1.1.2 and higher
  • ESX Server 3.0 and higher
  • ESX Server 3.5 and higher

The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project ( has assigned the name CVE-2008-2100 to this issue. To complete the fix, install ESX-1004726, ESX-1004216, and ESX-1004727.


No symptoms are available for this issue. 
Deployment Considerations
Download Instructions

Download and verify the patch bundle as follows:

1.      Download patch ESX-1004726 from .
2.      Log in to the ESX Server service console as root.

3.      Create a local depot directory.

# mkdir -p /var/updates

Note: VMware recommends that you use the updates directory.

4.      Change your working directory to /var/updates.

# cd /var/updates

5.      Download the tar file into the /var/updates directory.
6.      Verify the integrity of the downloaded tar file:
# md5sum ESX-1004726.tgz

The md5 checksum output should match the following:

44f03b274867b534cd274ccdf4630b86 ESX-1004726.tgz

7.      Extract the compressed tar archive:

# tar -xvzf ESX-1004726.tgz

8.      Change to the newly created directory, /var/updates/ESX-1004726:

# cd ESX-1004726

Installation Instructions

After you download and extract the archive, and if you are in the directory that you previously created, use the following command to install the update:

# esxupdate update

To run esxupdate from a different directory, you must specify the bundle path in the command:

# esxupdate -r file://<directory>/ESX-1004726 update

For example, if the host is called depot:

# esxupdate -r file:///depot/var/updates/ESX-1004726 update

During the update process, logs appear on the terminal. You can specify the verbosity of esxupdate logs by using the -v option as shown below.

# esxupdate -v 10 file://<directory>/ESX-1004726 update

For more information how to use esxupdate, see the Patch Management for ESX Server 3 tech note at  

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