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Cloned virtual machines refer to the .vmdk file its source virtual machine (1004176)

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If the Edit Virtual Hardware check box in the Clone Wizard is selected when cloning a virtual machine, the VMDK file location of the cloned virtual machine points to the VMDK file location of the source virtual machine when:
  • Changes are made to the settings of VDISK in the Virtual Machines Property page
  • Changes are made to the disk size in the Virtual Machines Property page

Note: If changes are made to the disk size and the cloned virtual machine is deleted from the disk, the content in the virtual disk of the source virtual machine is also deleted.

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To create a virtual machine clone with a disk mode or disk size different from that of the source virtual machine, change the disk mode or disk size of the virtual machine clone after the clone is created.
Note: Do not use the Virtual Machine Properties page in the Clone Wizard to change the disk mode or disk size.
If you have already used the Virtual Machine Properties page in the Clone Wizard:
  1. After deploying the virtual machine, review the virtual machine properties, specifically the virtual disk location.
  2. Change the virtual disk settings manually to point to the correct file.
  3. Right-click the virtual machine.
  4. Click Edit Settings.
  5. Click the Hardware tab.
  6. Select Hard Disk 1.
  7. Verify the Disk File field points to the intended VMDK file. If it does not, remove the Hard Disk. Click Add and use the Hardware Wizard to select the correct VMDK file.

 Note: This issue is fixed in VirtualCenter 2.5 U4

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