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VMware ESX Server 3.5, Patch ESX350-200802411-BG: Enhanced Validation Checks, and Fixes for Storage VMotion and Lab Manager (1003458)

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Release Date: 3/10/2008
Document Last Updated: 3/10/2008


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Product Versions ESX Server 3.5
Patch Classification General
Supersedes None
Dependencies ESX350-200802403-BG
Virtual Machine Migration or Reboot Required Yes
ESX Server Host Reboot Required No
PRs Fixed 223243, 227913, 231369, 196591, 216713
Affected Hardware
Affected Software N/A
RPMs Included
Related CVE numbers None


This patch provides the following improvements:
  • General update: Enhanced validation checks prevent potential memory corruption problems.

  • Updates for Storage VMotion:

    • Provide a correct content ID (CID) value for thin-provisioned virtual machine disks after they are moved using Storage VMotion.

    • Minor edits to Storage VMotion error messages. All occurrences of "DMotion" have been changed to the correct term, "Storage VMotion."

  • Update for Lab Manager: Modifies the validation rules for a virtual machine's .vmx file to allow Lab Manager 2.5.2 or later to mount CD-ROM and floppy images.



    Storage VMotion
    Storage VMotion fails with the error message: Failed to unstun VM after disk reparent. The virtual machine is partially migrated and powered off. Generally, the virtual machine cannot be powered on again. For more information, see KB 1003874 at
    Lab Manager
    No symptoms should appear on an unmodified system. The following symptoms might occur if an administrator customized the local /etc/vmware/configrules file:
    • Lab Manager agent fails to install with the following message:

      checking for vmx config rules... failed

    • Lab Manager is unable to insert a CD-ROM or floppy image. The following message appears in /var/log/vmware/hostd.log on ESX Server:

      Virtual machine not configured according to rules specified in /etc/vmware/configrules.

    • Lab Manager is unable to power on a virtual machine with the following error:

      [-999:The poweron operation failed unexpectedly.]

      The same message as above appears in /var/log/vmware/hostd.log on the ESX Server system. (There might be other reasons for a -999 error, but this patch helps only if the cause is a problem in the /etc/vmware/configrules file.)

    Deployment Considerations

    Patch bundle ESX350-200802403-BG must be installed prior to installing this patch. The esxupdate utility will check to ensure ESX350-200802403-BG is installed before proceeding with installation of this patch.

    Patch Download and Installation

    To automatically download and install patches on your ESX Server 3.5 hosts, use the VMware Update Manager. For more information, see the Update Manager Administration Guide at

    To update ESX Server 3.5 hosts from the command line of the service console, download the most recent patch bundle from and install it using the esxupdate utility. For more information about using esxupdate, see the ESX Server 3 Patch Management Guide at

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