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A Case Mismatch Between the Backup Policy's Backup-List Mount Points and BACKUPROOT Might Cause VCB Backup Jobs to Fail (1000634)

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When I try to back up my virtual machines using VMware VCB through Veritas Netbackup, Veritas Backup Exec, or Tivoli Storage Manager, the jobs seem to complete successfully but no virtual machines are mounted on the proxy server and consequently no actual backups are completed. I have checked my backup list of the backup policy and every thing appears to be configured correctly. When I run vcbMounter on any individual virtual machine in FullVM or File modes, the virtual machine files are mounted and I can complete my backups from the backup client. Why is this happening and how do I fix it?


VMware has identified a problem within one of the integration module scripts whereby a case mismatch between the BACKUPROOT variable defined in the config.js script and the mount points defined in the backup list of the backup policy will cause the integration module to complete successfully but generate an empty list of virtual machines to back up.
For example, suppose that you have specified the BACKUPROOT variable in <VMWARE CONSOLIDATED BACKUP-INSTALLATION-DIRECTORY>/config/config.js as follows:
* Directory where all the VM backup jobs are supposed to reside in.
* For each backup job, a directory with a unique name derived from the
* backup type and the VM name will be created here.
* If omitted, BACKUPROOT defaults to c:\\mnt.
* Make sure this directory exists before attempting any VM backups.
and assume that your Veritas Netbackup/Backup EXEC backup policy has the following items in its backup list items:
c:\mnt \my-vm1\letters\C\Documents and settings"
C:\MnT \my-vm2\letters\C\Documents and settings"
C:\mnt \my-vm3\letters\C\Documents and settings"
You will notice that after the backup job starts, the only virtual machines whose files will be mounted properly is the my-vm3 virtual machine. This is because the start of its mount point (that is, C:\mnt) is an exact match to the mount point defined in the BACKUPROOT variable.
Workaround: To fix this problem, ensure that the mount point defined in BACKUPROOT and the ones specified in the policy's backup list items match with respect to their case (that is, they are case sensitive).
Note: Only the mount points have to match. Virtual machine names and folder names are not case sensitive.
This problem is resolved in future releases of VCB.

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