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ESX Server 3.0.1, Patch ESX-1000075: LSI MPT SAS Driver Update (1000075)

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Release Date: 9/6/07
Last Updated: 9/6/07
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Product Versions ESX Server 3.0.1
Patch Classification Critical
Superceded By None
Virtual Machine Migration or Reboot Required Yes
ESX Server Host Reboot Required Yes
Affected Hardware N/A
Affected Software Third-party patch management or custom patch management scripts might be affected.
RPMs Updated VMware-esx-drivers-scsi-mptscsi_2xx
Related CVE numbers N/A


  • Fixes a potential ESX Server host panic on LSI MPT SAS controllers with LSI MPT SAS BIOS 6.10.00 or later. In ESX 3.x systems, this panic could only happen if the LSI driver (mptscsi_2xx) was manually unloaded. You must also install patch ESX-9287937 to complete the fix for this issue. Patches ESX-1000075 and ESX-9287937 can be installed in any order.
  • Fixes an issue where /var/log/vmkernel was being filled with extraneous messages similar to "mptscsi_open called" from the mptscsi_2xx driver.

Warning: After installing patch ESX-1000075, if you download and install the Driver CD for megaraid_sas version 3.0.9 from the VMware download site, patch ESX-1000075 will be overwritten and you will lose the fixes provided by this patch.

If you have not downloaded and installed the megaraid_sas v 3.0.9 Driver CD from the VMware download site before 09/06/2007, you may ignore the following warning.

If you have installed megaraid_sas v3.0.9 Driver CD, read on:


If you have installed megaraid_sas v3.0.9 DriverCD, you will see the following messages while installing patch ESX-1000075:

INFO: | kernel driver mapping for device id 1000:0060 in /etc/vmware/pciid/mptscsi_2xx.xml conflicts with definition for megaraid_sas
INFO: | kernel driver mapping for device id 1000:0060 in /etc/vmware/pciid/mptscsi_2xx.xml conflicts with definition for ignore

These informational warnings may be ignored and there will be no loss of functionality.



The following symptoms might be seen in systems without this patch:

  • A potential kernel panic might occur in the LSI MPT SAS driver "mptscsi_2xx". Due to a change in the MPT SAS BIOS firmware, this driver can potentially panic the system during driver shutdown. The problem could affect both the ESX Server VMkernel and the "vmnix" Console OS kernel versions of the driver.
  • In systems with SCSI LSI cards, the VMkernel log might be filled with "mptctl_open called" messages.


This patch resolves the symptom discussed above and improves patch management activities on all ESX Server hosts. Command line usage of the tool has not changed, but custom scripts and third-party utilities might be affected by these changes.

Download Instructions

Download and verify the patch bundle as follows:

  1. Download patch ESX-1000075 by clicking on the link above.
  2. Log in to the ESX Server service console as root.
  3. Create a local depot directory.

    # mkdir -p /var/updates

    Note: VMware recommends that you use the updates directory.

  4. Change your working directory to /var/updates.

    # cd /var/updates

  5. Download the tar file into the /var/updates directory.
  6. Verify the integrity of the downloaded tar file:
    # md5sum ESX-1000075.tgz

    The md5 checksum output should match the following:

    2340d629677d51f0b0a63634f3899136 ESX-1000075.tgz
  7. Extract the compressed tar archive:

    # tar -xvzf ESX-1000075.tgz

  8. Change to the newly created directory, /var/updates/ESX-1000075:

    # cd ESX-1000075

Installation Instructions

Note: All virtual machines on the host must be either shut down or migrated using VMotion before applying the patch. A reboot of the ESX Server host is required after applying this patch.

After you have downloaded and extracted the archive, and if you are in the directory you created above, install the update using the following command:

# esxupdate update

To run esxupdate from a different directory, you must specify the bundle path in the command:

# esxupdate -r file://<directory>/ESX-1000075 update

For example, if the host is called depot:

# esxupdate -r file:///depot/var/updates/ESX-1000075 update

During the update process, logs appear on the terminal. You can specify the verbosity of esxupdate logs by using the -v option as shown below.

# esxupdate -v 10 file://<directory>/ESX-1000075 update

For more information on using esxupdate, refer to the Patch Management for ESX Server 3 tech note at

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