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VMware vCloud Director Cell Architecture (1026292)

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This article explains the components of a cell in VMware vCloud Director.


A cell has these components:
Component Description
Account policy management
Account policy management handles requests for configuring the access control policy,which consists of rules about user permissions as well as the required user permissions for operations.
Requests such as user-group creation and configuration, role creation, and configuration are handled by this component.
User management User management is responsible for managing information about individual users (such as user names and user public keys used to authenticate the user), as well as any other metadata associated with the user (such as address and organization)
Instance Management Instance Management is responsible for individual virtual machine operations (such as power operations) and simple virtual machine configuration changes (such as changing the amount of memory allocated to the virtual machine).
Catalog Management
Catalog Management manages the set of vApp templates and software media that are globally available to all organizations in the Cloud.
Requests such as list all vApp templates or list all media are handled by this component.
Chargeback and Metering
Chargeback and Metering components are used to compute how much an organization needs to be charged based on its usage of the Cloud.
vDC Model Management
vDC Model Management keeps track of information about the virtual data centers (vDCs) in an organization.
Task Scheduler The Task Scheduler is the job scheduling component for VMware Cloud Director.
Message Bus  The Message Bus is used for inter-cell communication, based on ActiveMQ (the message broker) and JMS (which defines the message format).
VC Proxy
The VC Proxy is responsible for two tasks in VMware vCloud Director:
  • The invocation of operations to make changes on the Virtual Infrastructure (substrate) layer.
  • The setting up of listeners to track updates to inventory objects (including tasks) in the Virtual Infrastructure layer.
Inventory Collector

VMware vCloud Director caches all of the vCenter Server Inventory in each cell. If something changes in the vCenter Server Inventory, the VC Proxy Inventory Collector automatically updates the cells with the changes.

VMRC and Console Proxy The VMRC and Console Proxy components work together to enable a user to view the screen of a specified virtual machine.
The Image Transfer and Image Management The Image Transfer and Image Management component is responsible for the upload/download and placement of virtual machines.

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12/09/2011 - Added 1.5 to product versions.

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