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Verifying the VMware vCenter Server Managed IP Address (1008030)

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This article provides steps to verify the vCenter Server Managed IP Address.


  • When vCenter Server is multi-homed, verify the internal IP (that is reachable by the ESX/ESXi hosts) is set as the management IP; a multi-homed environment is not recommended for vCenter Server. When changing the Managed IP Address from vCenter Server, you do not need to restart the ESX/ESXi management agents.
  • A multi-homed environment may also cause functionality issues withe the vSphere Web Client.

If an incorrect Managed IP Address has been set, vCenter Server does not receive heartbeats from the ESX/ESXi host causing it to go into a disconnected state.

To check if a managed IP has been set on vCenter Server 4.x and above using the vSphere Client:
  1. From the vSphere Client, log in to vCenter Server.
  2. Navigate to Administration > vCenter Server Settings > Runtime Settings and review the Managed IP Address setting.
  3. Verify that the address is correct. If not, correct the entry and click OK.
  4. Remove the ESXi/ESX host from the vCenter Inventory.
  5. Add the ESXi/ESX host back to vCenter Inventory. 
To check if the managed IP has been set on vCenter Server 5.1.x and above using the vSphere Web Client:
  1. Log into the vSphere Web Client. The default URL is https://vCenter_Server_FQDN:9443/vsphere-client
  2. Navigate to vCenter > Inventory Lists vCenter Server.
  3. Click the vCenter Server needing to be verified.
  4. Select Manage > Settings > General
  5. Expand the Runtime settings field by clicking on the arrow next to it.
To modify the Runtime Settings:
  1. Click Edit in the right-hand corner of the panel
  2. Click Runtime settings on the left-hand side of the window
  3. Modify the vCenter Server managed address and vCenter Server name accordingly.
  4. Click OK 

To check if a Managed IP has been set on VirtualCenter 2.5.x:
  1. From the VMware Infrastructure (VI) Client, log in to the vCenter Server, navigate to Administration > VirtualCenter Management Server Configuration > Runtime Settings. 
  2. Review the Virtual Center Server Managed IP address setting.
  3. Verify that the address is correct. If not, correct the entry, and click OK.
  4. Remove the ESXi/ESX host from the VirtualCenter Inventory.
  5. Add the ESX /ESXihost back to VirtualCenter Inventory.
To check if a Managed IP has been set on VirtualCenter 2.0.x:
  1. Log in to the ESXi /ESX host with an SSH client as root. For more information, see Connecting to an ESX host using a SSH client (1019852).
  2. Navigate to the /etc/opt/vmware folder by typing:

    cd /etc/opt/vmware

  3. Review the serverIP configuration section of the/etc/opt/vmware/vpxa.cfg file to see if the IP address is correct
  4. Run the command:

    cat /etc/opt/vmware/vpxa.cfg | more


After adding the host to vCenter Server, the host enters Not Responding mode for 90 seconds (the default). To workaround this issue, see vCenter Server IP address change causes ESX hosts to disconnect (1001493).

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