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vRealize Operations Manager Analytics Cluster fails to start with the status Waiting for Analytics (2151266)

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After performing a disaster recovery operations or a cluster-wide reboot of vRealize Operations Manager, you see these symptoms:

  • vRealize Operations Manager Administrator interface (https://<vRealize_Operations_Manager_FQDN>/admin) may report the status message

    Waiting for Analytics

  • vRealize Operations Manager Administrator interface (https://<vRealize_Operations_Manager_FQDN>/admin) display the that nodes are not coming online

  • In the vRealize Operations Manager Master or Master Replica node's ntp logs (located at: /var/log/), you may observe:

    ntpd[9764]: no reply; clock not set
    ntpd[9798]: ntpd exiting on signal 15

  • In the vRealize Operations Manager Master or Master Replica node's analytics-wrapper.log (located at: /storage/log/vcrops/logs/), you may observe:

    INFO | jvm 1 | YYYY/MM/DD <Time> | >>> failed with error: IllegalStateException: time difference between servers is 37110 ms. It is greater than 30000 ms. Unable to operate, terminating...

    Note: The time different between servers will be unique to the time drift between the vROps nodes.


This issue occurs due to NTP time drift between the vRealize Operations Manager nodes.


To resolve this issue, perform these steps:
  • Ensure all NTP servers configured for use with the vRealize Operations Manager nodes (Analytics and Remote Collector Clusters) are accessible.
  • Update the ntp.conf file (located in /etc/) with new NTP server(s) in each vRealize Operations Manager node if the original NTP servers are no longer available.
For more information, consult Configure NTP on VMware Appliances in the vRealize Operations Manager Help Guide.

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