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Powering on a virtual machine fails with error: Module 'FlashRam' power on failed (2151117)

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  • Powering on a Virtual Machine fails with the error: 
Module 'FlashRam' power on failed error
  • In the vmware.log file of the virtual machine, you see entries similar to:
| vmx| I125: Tools: sending 'OS_PowerOn' (state = 3) state change request
| vmx| I125: Tools: Delaying state change request to state 3.
| vmx| I125: TOOLS INSTALL initializing state to IDLE on power on.
| vmx| I125: Msg_Post: Error
| vmx| I125: [msg.loader.biosfd] Could not open ESX1SLIC.ROM (No such file or directory).

| vmx| I125: DICT bios440.filename = "ESX1SLIC.ROM"

| vmx| I125: Vix: [93257 mainDispatch.c:4234]: VMAutomation_ReportPowerOpFinished: statevar=1, newAppState=1873, success=1 additionalError=0
| vmx| I125+ Power on failure messages: Module 'FlashRam' power on failed.
| vmx| I125+ Could not open ESX1SLIC.ROM (No such file or directory).
| vmx| I125+ Failed to start the virtual machine.


To resolve this issue, hashout the value for : bios440.filename
  1. Navigate to the .vmx file of the problematic machine on the datastore its saved.
  2. Back up the .vmx file.
  3. Edit the .vmx file using VI editor and hashout the value for: bios440.filename.
  4. Save and quit the VI editor.
  5. Reload the .vmx file and power on the virtual machine.

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