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2400 second timeout error during VM deployment when Storage DRS is enabled (2151094)

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  • In the vSphere web client, when you deploy virtual machine while storage DRS is enabled, you see the error similar to:

    Connection Error
    The request failed because the remote server '' took too long to respond. (The command has timed out as the remote server is taking too long to respond.)
    Error Stack
    Call "StorageResourceManager.RecommendDatastores" for object "StorageResourceManager" on vCenter Server "" failed.

  • In the C:/ProgramData/VMware/vCenterServer/logs/vmware-vpx/vpxd.log file, you see the entries similar to:

    2017-04-18T13:26:12.147+03:00 info vpxd[06688] [Originator@6876 sub=Drm opID=BBBD83DF-00000A71-b3-4d] [DrmExecute::ExecuteStoragePlacementAction] Placing VM vim.VirtualMachine:vm-459329 on datastore drs-tst succeeded.

    Note: There is a 40 minute delay and opID is not mentioned in the interim.

    2017-04-18T14:06:12.651+03:00 error vpxd[06688] [Originator@6876 sub=MoEvent opID=BBBD83DF-00000A71-b3-4d] [EventManagerMoImpl::EventBatchAppender::EventAppenderJob::PostJob] VirtualCenter did not respond to the request to append events after 2400 seconds
    2017-04-18T14:06:12.652+03:00 warning vpxd[06932] [Originator@6876 sub=vpxLro opID=BBBD83DF-00000A71-b3] [VpxTask] Still waiting on DrmExecute
    2017-04-18T14:06:12.653+03:00 warning vpxd[06688] [Originator@6876 sub=VpxProfiler opID=BBBD83DF-00000A71-b3-4d] VpxLro::LroMain [TotalTime] took 2400002 ms
    2017-04-18T14:06:12.653+03:00 error vpxd[06688] [Originator@6876 sub=vpxLro opID=BBBD83DF-00000A71-b3-4d] [VpxLRO] Unexpected Exception: vmodl.fault.UnexpectedFault
    2017-04-18T14:06:12.653+03:00 info vpxd[06688] [Originator@6876 sub=vpxLro opID=BBBD83DF-00000A71-b3-4d] [VpxLRO] -- FINISH task-internal-483679872
    2017-04-18T14:06:12.653+03:00 info vpxd[06688] [Originator@6876 sub=Default opID=BBBD83DF-00000A71-b3-4d] [VpxLRO] -- ERROR task-internal-483679872 -- -- DrmExecute: vmodl.fault.UnexpectedFault:
    --> Result:
    --> (vmodl.fault.UnexpectedFault) {
    --> faultCause = (vmodl.MethodFault) null,
    --> faultName = "vim.fault.Timedout",
    --> fault = (vmodl.MethodFault) null,
    --> msg = ""
    --> }
    --> Args:

Note: The preceding log excerpts are only examples. Date, time, and environmental variables may vary depending on your environment


This issue occurs because of the vCenter Server sub-system fails to respond after 40 minute of time out.
Note: This issue do not occur when Storage DRS is not enabled.


This issue is resolved in vCenter Server 6.5, available at VMware Downloads.

Currently, there is no resolution for vCenter Server 6.0. The fix will be available in a future patch of vCenter 6.0. As a work around, you can re-install vCenter Server 6.0, including a new vCenter Server Database.

However, there are some other causes that have similar symptoms so, to address these other potential causes, try the below steps. If any of the following steps resolves the symptom, then the remaining steps will not be needed:

1.     Ensure the user has Administrator privileges.
2.     Address any storage errors that may be occurring for the ESXi hosts in the datacenter.
3.     Ensure that DNS is working both forward and reverse for the vCenter Server hostname and both short and fully qualified.
4.     Reboot the vCenter server.
5.     Ensure the Profile-driven Storage Service (SPS) starts.
6.     Update the vCenter Server to vCenter Server 6.0 update 3, available at VMware Downloads.

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