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ERROR certificate-manager 'lstool get' failed: 1 (2150057)

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In the certificate-manager.log file, you see entries similar to:

2017-04-21T17:11:53.316Z INFO certificate-manager Serial number before replacement: d8:57:4f:7b:ad:13:88:01
2017-04-21T17:11:53.317Z INFO certificate-manager Serial number after replacement: cb:69:1a:36:fb:11:c6:05
2017-04-21T17:11:53.317Z INFO certificate-manager Thumbprint before replacement: 4D:77:A3:71:E3:84:76:21:B2:A1:00:19:53:AD:5C:AD:6B:EE:59:5F
2017-04-21T17:11:53.317Z INFO certificate-manager Thumbprint after replacement: 65:93:91:BE:F5:A6:65:DB:20:5C:6C:B6:09:34:AC:ED:BA:A3:5C:4E
2017-04-21T17:11:53.325Z INFO certificate-manager MACHINE_SSL_CERT certificate replaced successfully. SerialNumber and Thumbprint changed.
2017-04-21T17:13:43.632Z ERROR certificate-manager Error while performing Cert Replacement operation, please see /var/log/vmware/vmcad/certificate-manager.log for more information.
2017-04-21T17:13:43.632Z ERROR certificate-manager 'lstool get' failed: 1
2017-04-21T17:13:43.632Z INFO certificate-manager Performing rollback of Root Cert...
2017-04-21T17:13:43.632Z INFO certificate-manager Running command :- ['/usr/lib/vmware-vmca/bin/certool', '--rootca', '--cert', '/var/lib/vmware/vmca/root.cer.0', '--privkey', '/var/lib/vmware/vmca/privatekey.pem.0', '--server', 'localhost']
2017-04-21T17:13:43.832Z INFO certificate-manager Command output :- 
Status : Success

Note: The preceding log excerpts are only examples. Date, time, and environmental variables may vary depending on your environment.


This issue occurs when there are third party extensions like nimble storage and veeambackupUI etc. with no valid certificates and failed to get the information for the service ID.


To resolve this issue, remove the third party extension and retry replacing the certificates.

Note: Take a backup of the vCenter database before making any changes.

  1. To the service ID of the third party extension causing the error will be seen above the error message(as shown in the screenshot below). You can remove them from the vCenter MOB.

    Identifying service causing issue

  2. Restart vSphere-client services on vCenter Server.
  3. Replace the certificates.

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