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vSAN CLOMD daemon may fail when trying to repair objects with 0 byte components (2149968)

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  • In a vSAN cluster, if there are 0 bytes sized objects that have any absent/degraded components in need of repair, CLOMD will crash.
  • In the /var/run/log/clomd.log file, you see logs similar to:

    2017-04-19T03:59:32.403Z 120360 (482850097440)(opID:1804289387)CLOMProcessWorkItem: Op REPAIR starts:1804289387
    2017-04-19T03:59:32.403Z 120360 (482850097440)(opID:1804289387)CLOMReconfigure: Reconfiguring ae9cf658-cd5e-dbd4-668d-020010a45c75 workItem type REPAIR
    2017-04-19T03:59:32.408Z 120360 (482850097440)(opID:1804289387)CLOMReplacementPreWorkRepair: Repair needed. 1 absent/degraded data components for ae9cf658-cd5e-dbd4-668d-020010a45c75 found

    Note: The preceding log excerpts are only examples. Date, time, and environmental variables may vary depending on your environment.

    Here, CLOMD crashed while attempting to repair object with UUID ae9cf658-cd5e-dbd4-668d-020010a45c75. The vSAN health check will report CLOMD liveness issue. A CLOMD restart will fail because each time it is restarted, it will fail again while attempting to repair the 0 sized object. Swap objects can be the only vSAN objects that can be zero sized, so this issue can occus only with swap objects.

  • Virtual machine memory reservations are in use.


This issue is resolved in ESXi 6.5 Update 1 (vSAN 6.6.1), available at VMware Downloads.
To avoid this issue, ensure that the VM memory allocation is always higher than the VM memory reservation so the swap objects created will always be non-zero sized.

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