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Unable to delete notification rules from Cassandra in vRealize Operations Manager 6.1 and later (2149819)

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  • Existing notification rules are not visible under Content > Notifications in vRealize Operations Manager 6.1 and later.
  • When navigating to Content > Notifications, you see an error message is similar to:

    Alert Definition Ids '[AlertDefinition-fc783f9d-4f41-4a47-ba73-25be0b888202]' not found.


This issue occurs when an existing notification rule references a deleted item such as an alert or an object in vRealize Operations Manager.


To resolve this issue, remove the offending notification rule from the CQLSH (Cassandra) database.

  1. Log in to vRealize Operations Manager Master node as root through SSH or console.
  2. Run this command to create a list of notification rules from the notificationplugin table in Cassandra:

    $ALIVE_BASE/cassandra/apache-cassandra-2.1.8/bin/cqlsh --ssl --cqlshrc $ALIVE_BASE/user/conf/cassandra/cqlshrc -e 'SELECT * from globalpersistence.notificationplugin' > /tmp/notifications.txt

  3. Open the /tmp/notifications.txt file using a text editor and note the ID of the offending notification rule.

    Example notification rule entry:

    notificationplugin | notificationplugin | NotificationRule.23bac596-0902-4b48-a035-0b83c2738f32 | null | NotificationRule | null | null | {"NotificationRule":{"id":{"@UUID":"23bac596-0902-4b48-a035-0b83c2738f32","@ObjectType":"NOTIFICATION_RULE"},"Version":0,"Name":"Critical Disk Alerts","PluginID":{"@UUID":"62447545-590e-43c9-a1c4-43a314f2a616","@ObjectType":"ALERT_PLUGIN_INSTANCE_CONFIG"},"PluginType":"StandardEmailPlugin","entry":{"ConditionType":"ALERT_DEFINITION_ID","NotificationRuleAlertDefinitionCondition":{"AlertDefinitionId":"AlertDefinition-VMWARE-DatastoreUsage"}},"PluginNotificationProperty":{"PropertyName":"emailaddr","PropertyValue":""}}} |    STRING | 2017-04-12 13:38:37-0600

    Example: The ID of the notification rule for this example is NotificationRule.23bac596-0902-4b48-a035-0b83c2738f32.
  4. Log in to the Cassandra Database:

    $ALIVE_BASE/cassandra/apache-cassandra-2.1.8/bin/cqlsh --ssl --cqlshrc $ALIVE_BASE/user/conf/cassandra/cqlshrc

  5. Run this command to delete the notification rule:

    DELETE from globalpersistence.notificationplugin where namespace='notificationplugin' and classtype='notificationplugin' and key='ID';
    Note: Replace ID with the ID of the notification rule noted in step 3.


    DELETE from globalpersistence.notificationplugin where namespace='notificationplugin' and classtype='notificationplugin' and key='NotificationRule.23bac596-0902-4b48-a035-0b83c2738f32';

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