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Cross vCenter Server vMotion requirements in VMware vSphere 6.0 and later (2106952)

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VMware vSphere 6.0 and later versions adds new functionality that lets you migrate virtual machines between vCenter Server instances. This article outlines the requirements to use this feature.


To enable migration across vCenter Server instances, your environment must meet these requirements:
  • The source and destination vCenter Server instances and ESXi hosts must be running version 6.0 or later. 
  • The cross vCenter Server and long distance vMotion features require an Enterprise Plus license. For more information, see Compare vSphere Editions.
  • When using the vSphere Web Client, both vCenter Server instances must be in Enhanced Linked Mode and must be in the same vCenter Single Sign-On domain so that the source vCenter Server can authenticate to the destination vCenter Server.
  • Both vCenter Server instances must be time-synchronized with each other for correct vCenter Single Sign-On token verification. 
  • For migration of compute resources only, both vCenter Server instances must be connected to the shared virtual machine storage.
  • When using the vSphere APIs/SDK, both vCenter Server instances may exist in separate vSphere Single Sign-On domains. Additional parameters are required when performing a non-federated cross vCenter Server vMotion. For more information, see the VirtualMachineRelocateSpec section in the vSphere Management SDK Guide.
Note: Cross vCenter Server provisioning, which was introduced in vSphere 6.0, is not supported across vCenter Server versions. The cross-vCenter provisioning operations not supported across different versions of vCenter Server include vMotion, cold migration, and cloning. For example, a vMotion operation from vCenter Server 6.0 to vCenter Server 6.5, and vice versa are not supported.

Additional Information

For more information about cross vCenter Server vMotion, see:
For information about installing vCenter Server in Enhanced Linked Mode, see the Using Enhanced Linked Mode section in the vCenter Server Host Management Guide.

For information about the other new vMotion feature in vSphere 6.0, see Long Distance vMotion requirements in VMware vSphere 6.0 (2106949).

For more information, see VMware vSphere 6.5 Release Notes.

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