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Changes to teams in Workstation 8 and later versions (2006104)

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Teams have been removed from Workstation 8 and later versions.  Features that were previously related to teams have been integrated as normal settings.


Team Features in Workstation 7

The Teams feature was used to group virtual machines together. Teams have been replaced with virtual machine groupings through folders in the Virtual Machine Library. Groupings have the same abilities that Teams had::

Teams were restrictive as the features were exclusive to virtual machines in Teams. Virtual machines had to be moved from their desired location into a new physical folder with the rest of that team's virtual machines.

These features have now been integrated so that any virtual machine can use them.


Virtual machines in Workstation 8.x and above can be grouped into folders in the Library. These virtual machines remain in their physical folders on the hard drive instead of being forced to move into a new location.

To create a folder, right-click in empty space in the Virtual Machine Library and choose New Folder.

To place a virtual machine in the folder, drag and drop it into the folder.

Control startup time and order

The order that the virtual machines start is determined by their order in the folder. To change the startup sequence adjust the order of the virtual machines in the folder. To adjust the order drag virtual machines out and back into the folder in the desired order.

The virtual machine at the top of the folder starts first. The time between the virtual machines starting is controlled as a global setting. To change the setiing, go to Edit > Preferences > Workspace > Seconds between powering on multiple VMs.

To begin the power on sequence for a grouping, select the grouping's folder in the Library, then go to VM > Power > Power On.

LAN Segments

LAN Segments allow private networking between virtual machines. Virtual machines only on LAN Segments have no network connection to the host or internet.

To create and add a LAN Segment to a virtual machine.

  1. In the Virtual Machine Library, select a virtual machine to be on a LAN Segment.
  2. Go to VM > Settings, and click the Hardware tab.
  3. Select the network adapter, then click LAN Segments.
  4. Click Add, then choose a name for the LAN Segment. Click OK.
  5. Select LAN Segment, then use the drop-down to choose the LAN Segment the virtual machine is to use.

Simulated Bandwidth / Packet Loss

To access bandwidth / packet loss settings for the virtual machine:

  1. Go to VM > Settings, and click the Hardware tab.
  2. Select the network adapter, then click LAN Segments.
  3. Click Advanced.
  4. Configure the bandwidth / packet loss you wish to simulate.

These settings can be used to simulate real networking scenarios where there is limited bandwidth and various levels of packet loss. These settings apply for the virtual machine rather than the network adapter. Each virtual machine can have a different setting so that testing can be more versatile.


using-teams  using-groups

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