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Recommendations for automatic updates to applications in combination with ThinApp application updates (1020510)

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This article discusses recommendations about application automatic updates in combination with ThinApp application updates.


Application updates that you set up in ThinApp via the App Sync method or via the integer or versioning method (.1, .2, etc.) are meant to replace application autoupdates.

Recommendation: Turn off application automatic updates if you set up ThinApp automatic updating.

AppSync will not work if you also set up application auto updates. This is because application updates acquired during application use are stored in the sandbox. These update files in the sandbox take precedence over AppSync update files in the AppSync storage file locations. Your users will not see the AppSync updates.

If you do not use either ThinApp integer updates or the AppSync update mechanism, another choice is to deploy new versions with the help of MSI packages and your chosen deployment tool.

You may use application automatic updates instead of ThinApp update mechanisms, and they are fully functional. Remember, however, that these autoupdates are within the virtual environment and are stored in the sandbox. Each time the application starts, it uses the version in the sandbox. If the sandbox is deleted, then the application reverts to its previous version. You may merge the update stored in the sandbox with the application by using sbmerge.exe.

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