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Uploading diagnostic information for VMware (1008525)

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VMware Technical Support uses a set of diagnostic information obtained from our products when addressing a support request. This diagnostic information contains product specific logs and configuration files from the host on which the product is run. This information is gathered using a specific script or tool within the product. For more information on obtaining the diagnostic information, see Collecting diagnostic information for VMware products (1008524).

After you obtain the necessary information, you must upload it to VMware.

This article provides instructions for uploading diagnostic information to VMware support.

Note: Uploading diagnostic information is the same as uploading log files.


Upload options

To address a Support Request, VMware technical support requests diagnostic information from the VMware products. You can send diagnostic information to VMware support technicians using one of these options:
  • If there are several log files, VMware recommends that you create a single ZIP, TAR or TGZ file and upload that. The single file makes the process more efficient.
  • If your files are larger than 2 GB, you must upload using the vCenter Support Assistant 5.1.1 or by using the FTP portal or the Secure FTP portal.
Uploading using ‘Upload Files’ option  
If you need to create a new SR and upload logs

When you create a Technical SR, the ‘Get Support’ flow is added with an option of ‘Upload Files’ which lets user to upload one or more files.     
On Support request Confirmation page, when you click on ‘Upload Files’, it will open a popup screen where a user can adds one or more files.
Clicking on ‘Add’ button will open browse window where we can locate the files and click on ‘Upload’ button. The screen will show the progress of files upload as below.
Note: This new window's URL is distributable, and you can share it with anyone who may need to add files relevant to the Support Request.
If you have an existing SR and need to upload logs

On ‘Support Request Details’ page a user can upload more files by clicking on the Dropdown ‘I want to’ and select option ‘Upload Files’.
On the same ‘Support Request Details’ page a user can see the name of uploaded files with date, time and size by clicking on the Dropdown ‘I want to’ and select option ‘View Files’.
Uploading via vCenter Support Assistant 5.5
VMware vCenter Support Assistant is a free plug-in for VMware vCenter Server that creates and manages Support Requests and generates and uploads logs.
It can also automatically collect diagnostic data about your environment and alert you to problems in your environment before they cause outages.
VMware vCenter Support Assistant 5.5 uses both FTP and best-effort HTTPS to transmit files to VMware. The transmission process is transparent to the user, and defaults to HTTPS for all uploads.
  • Schedule regular collection from your environment and receive proactive alerts and recommended fixes.Schedule regular collection from your environment and receive proactive alerts and recommended fixes.
  • Create new Support Requests.
  • View and modify existing Support Requests.
  • Generate, attach, and upload vSphere log bundle data to a Support Request.
  • Upload other attachments, such as screenshots or diagnostic log information, from non-vSphere products to VMware Support.


Uploading via the Secure FTP portal  

For instructions to upload via the Secure FTP portal, see Uploading diagnostic information for VMware through the Secure FTP portal (2069559).



Uploading via the FTP portal  

For instruction to upload via the FTP portal, see Uploading diagnostic information for VMware using FTP (2070100).



Uploading by Email  

Files can be attached to an email to your support representative. This method is effective if you have already received an email from your representative and can reply.

If you choose this method, do not modify the subject line of the email to ensure the message is associated with your support request properly.

Note: You can send files up to 10 MB in size via email. Only use email to send screen shots and individual log files. Certain compressed file formats are filtered for security reasons.


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10/14/2010 - Added notes about escaping spaces or using drag and drop. 06/28/2011 - Changed information on uploading from the website. 11/04/2011 - Added steps to upload by HTTP 06/22/2012 - Added step to close the FTP session 09/17/2012 - Updated hash command 09/25/2013 - Added information for uploading via Support Assistant 5.1.1 10/15/2013 - Updated the command to enter passive ftp mode in Windows 29/01/2014 - Updated Resolution section replacing 5.1 information with 5.5


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