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How to upgrade license keys in My VMware (2006974)

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This article provides information about license key version upgrades in My VMware. 


A product version upgrade is applicable when a new version of the same product is available. To upgrade a product to the most current version, your Support and Subscription contract must be current and active when the new product version is released. While under contract, there is no cost associated with a version upgrade.
When a new version of a product becomes available, you will receive an alert that you are entitled to the new version of your current product. If you do not receive an alert, your Support and Subscription contract may have expired or you may not have the permissions to upgrade that license key. If your contract has expired, you can request a support contract renewal quote. For more information, see How to request a support contract renewal quote in My VMware (2006982).
A product version upgrade is reversible by downgrading the license key. For more information, see How to downgrade license keys in My VMware (2006975).
To upgrade to license key to a new product version:
  1. Log in to My VMware.
  2. Select Manage License Keys from the navigation bar.
  3. Alternatively, when you receive an alert for subscription upgrade, click Upgrade Licenses in the alert. This takes you to the License Keys page.
  4. Select Upgrade License Keys from the dropdown.

    : If no folders or products appear, you may not have permissions to upgrade license keys on any of the folders or there may not be any license keys available for upgrade.

  5. Select one or more license key folders. All products that are eligible for upgrade are displayed.

  6. If you have a large number of products or license keys, you can use the By Products tab. To filter products within particular folders, click the Folders dropdown and select a folder. Click Apply.

  7. Select a product, then select the license key.

    NoteCheck Upgrade Option displays all possible upgrade scenarios for the selected product.

  8. Click Continue.

    Note: If there is more than one upgrade option, you need to select the upgrade option you wish to upgrade to.  

  9. Select the quantity of licenses you want to upgrade by clicking Edit Licenses & Quantities.

    Note: The quantity you are upgrading must be equal to or less than the available quantity.

  10. Click Continue.

  11. Indicate that you have read and understand the warning, then click Confirm.

    The upgraded license key is displayed in a dialogue box and are also available under View New License Keys. If any quantities of the current key remain not upgraded, new licenses keys are generated for the remaining portion of the current product and are displayed in the confirmation process.
  12. Click Upgrade more license keys to continue upgrading more license keys or click Done to return to the license key page.

    Note: The old license key no longer displays in My VMware.

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