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"ERROR: must be owner of relation vpx_sn_vdevice_backing_rel_seq" error vCenter Server Appliance 6.x (55747)

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  • The upgrade/migration fails with the error:
VMware VirtualCenter failed firstboot. Database in-place upgrade failed. Please see vcdb_inplace.err and vcdb_inplace.out for details.
Please search for these symptoms in the VMware Knowledge Base for any known issues and possible resolutions. If none can be found, collect a support bundle and open a support request.
  • In firstbootStatus.json, you see entry similar to:
"failedSteps": "vpxd_firstboot"
  • In vpxd_firstboot.py_####_stdout.log and vcdb_inplace.err you see entry similar to:

ERROR: must be owner of relation vpx_sn_vdevice_backing_rel_seq

  • vCenter Server Appliance - Firstboot logs are located in the /var/log/firstboot directory.
  • vCenter Server on Windows - Firstboot logs are located in the VMware-VCS-logs-<year><month><day><hour><minute><second>.zip/vcs_logs/uninstall directory or the VMware-VCS-logs-<year><month><day><hour><minute><second>/vcs_logs/uninstall/<vCenter Hostname><year><month><day><hour><minute><second>.zip/ProgramData/VMware/vCenterServer/logs/firstboot directory.
The issue occurs when the db schema is not owned by the vCenter database user (vc).  
To resolve this issue, the db schema owner must be changed to the default vCenter Server Appliance database user (vc).
  1. Connect to the vCenter Server Appliance using an SSH session or into the Bash shell
  2. Using WinSCP, copy the attached to the /tmp/ directory. 
  3. Run this command: 
chmod +x /tmp/
  1. To apply the required database permissions changes, run this command:
sh /tmp/
Steven Rogerson
10/11/2019 4:58 PM
James Walker