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Upgrade Requirements for Windows 10 Operating Systems (2148176)

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While it is possible to perform an upgrade of a full-clone desktop or linked clone and instant clone master VM from one major Windows 10 version to another, for example, from 1511 CBB to 1607 CBB, VMware has the following upgrade recommendations:

  • Verify that you have sufficient temporary disk space for temporary files during the upgrade. Consult with the operating system vendor for the recommended disk space. Although approximately 8 GB of disk space is required for a standard desktop, the actual amount of disk space can be greater depending on the applications or services that you have installed.
  • Take a snapshot or create a backup of your desktop to preserve your data in the case of failure.
  • Uninstall the Horizon Agent prior to the operating system upgrade and install it again after the upgrade.
  • Verify that all Windows 10 updates are installed on the Windows 10 operating system before starting the upgrade.
  • Where possible, start with a fresh install. You can back up the old VM, perform a fresh install of the Windows 10 operating system, and restore user data on the new desktop.

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