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Upgrading vCenter Server, ESX/ESXi hosts, and vShield Edge Appliances for vCloud Director 5.1 (2035001)

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After upgrading vCloud Director and vShield Manager to 5.1, it is necessary to upgrade your vCenter Servers and ESX/ESXi hosts attached to your cloud and then upgrade vShield Edge appliances on upgraded vCenter Servers.
This article explains the methods involved in doing this procedure.
To upgrade your vCenter Server, ESX/ESXi hosts to 5.1, and your vShield Edge appliances, follow this procedure in the order specified:
  1. Upgrade vCenter Server.

    For more information, see:
  2. Refresh the vCenter Server's registration with vCloud Director:

    1. In the vCloud Director Web console, click the Manage & Monitor tab and click vCenters in the left pane.
    2. Right-click the vCenter Server name and click Refresh.
    3. Click Yes.

  3. Upgrade each ESX/ESXi host that the upgraded vCenter Server supports.

    For more information, see Methods of upgrading to ESXi 5.1 (2032757) and the vSphere Installation and Setup Guide.

    For each host, the upgrade requires you to perform these steps:

    1. In the vCloud Director Web console, disable the host.

      To disable the host:

      1. In the Manage and Monitor page, click Hosts.
      2. Right-click the host and click Disable Host.

    2. Use vCenter Server to put the host into maintenance mode and allow all the virtual machines on that host to migrate to another host.
    3. Upgrade the host. To ensure that you have enough upgraded host capacity to support the virtual machines in your cloud, upgrade hosts in small batches. When you do this, host agent upgrades can complete in time to allow virtual machines to migrate back to the upgraded host.
    4. Use vCenter Server to reconnect the host.
    5. Upgrade the vCloud Director host agent on the host. For more information see the Upgrade an ESX/ESXi Host Agent section of the vCloud Director Administrator's Guide.
    6. In the vCloud Director Web console, enable the host.

      To enable the host:

      1. In the Manage and Monitor page, click Hosts.
      2. Right-click the host and click Enable Host.

    7. Use vCenter Server to take the host out of maintenance mode.

  4. Upgrade all vShield Edge appliances managed by the vShield Manager on the upgraded vCenter Server. Use the vShield Manager user interface to manage this upgrade.
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