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Using the Cell Management Tool to shut down a vCloud Director cell (1033575)

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This article provides information on using the cell management tool to gracefully shut down a vCloud Director cell.

vCloud Director creates a task object to track and manage each asynchronous operation that a user requests. Information about all running and recently completed tasks is stored in the vCloud Director database. Because a database upgrade invalidates this task information, you must be sure that no tasks are running when you begin the upgrade process.

Note: As of vCloud Director 8.20, the upgrade process automatically quiesces the cell before the upgrade begins.

With the Cell Management Tool, you can suspend the task scheduler so that new tasks cannot be started, then check the status of all active tasks. You can wait for running tasks to complete or log in to vCloud Director as a system administrator and cancel them. For more information, see Use the Cell Management Tool to Quiesce and Shut Down a Server in the vCloud Director Installation and Upgrade Guide.

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