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TCP and UDP Ports required to access VMware vCenter Server, VMware ESXi and ESX hosts, and other network components (1012382)

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This article provides information on TCP and UDP ports required to access VMware products, such as, vCenter Server,and ESXi.

For more information, see the documentation associated with your product:
These services and agents are commonly present in a VMware vSphere environment:
  • CIM HTTP server (insecure service)
  • CIM HTTPS server
  • FTP client (insecure service)
  • FTP server (insecure service)
  • iSCSI software client
  • NFS client (insecure service)
  • NFS server (insecure service)
  • NIS client
  • NTP client
  • SMB client (insecure service)
  • SNMP server
  • SSH client
  • SSH server
  • Syslog client
  • Telnet client (insecure service)
  • Telnet server (insecure service)
  • Other supported management agents that you install
vCenter Server, ESXi hosts, and other network components are accessed using predetermined TCP and UDP ports. If you manage network components from outside a firewall, you may be required to reconfigure the firewall to allow access on the appropriate ports.
TCP and UDP ports should be modified for each of these products: Note: Ports used with the Virtual Infrastructure / vSphere Client are listed in a separate table at the end of this article.
ProductsArticle Links
VMware vSANTCP and UDP ports required to access VMware vSAN 52959
VMware Converter StandaloneTCP and UDP ports required to access VMware Converter 52958
VMware ESX/ESXiTCP and UDP ports required to access ESXi 52960
VMware vRealize OrchestratorTCP and UDP ports required to access VMware vRealize Orchestrator 52961
VMware vSphere Update ManagerTCP and UDP ports required to access VMware vSphere Update Manager 52962
VMware vCenter ServerTCP and UDP ports required to access VMware vCenter Server 52963
Required ports for vCenter Server 6.x 2106283
VMware vRealize Operations ManagerTCP and UDP ports required to access VMware vRealize Operations Manager 52964
VMware Horizon ViewTCP and UDP ports required to access VMware Horizon View 52965

VI / vSphere Client ports:
Data Recovery22024TCPData Recovery vSphere Client Plug-inData Recovery ApplianceData Recovery management
ESXi 5.x22TCPvSphere clientESXi 5.xSSH Server
ESXi 5.x80TCPvSphere client / vSphere Web clientESXi 5.xRedirect Web Browser to HTTPS Service (443)
ESXi 5.x443TCPVI / vSphere client/ vSphere Web clientESXi/ESX HostVI / vSphere client to ESXi/ESX Host management connection
ESXi 5.x902TCPvSphere ClientESXi 5.xvSphere Client access to virtual machine consoles (MKS)
vCenter 5.x80TCPvSphere Client /vSphere Web ClientvCenter ServervCenter Server requires port 80 for direct HTTP connections.
vCenter 5.x443TCPvSphere Client /vSphere Web ClientvCenter ServervCenter Server system uses to listen for connections from the vSphere Client.
vCenter 5.x902TCP/UDPvSphere ClientESXi 5.xvSphere Client uses this ports to display virtual machine consoles.
vCenter 5.x903TCPvSphere ClientESX 3.5 and 4.xRemote console traffic generated by user access to virtual machines. This applies to all ESXi/ESX versions.
vCenter 5.x8080TCPvSphere clientvCenter ServerWeb Services HTTP. Used for the VMware VirtualCenter Management Web Services.
vCenter 5.x8443TCPvSphere clientvCenter ServerWeb Services HTTPS. Used for the VMware VirtualCenter Management Web Services.
vCenter 5.x9443TCPvSphere clientvCenter ServervSphere Web Client Access
vCenter 5.x10080TCPvSphere clientvCenter ServervCenter Inventory Service HTTP
vCenter 5.x10443TCPvSphere clientvCenter ServervCenter Inventory Service HTTPS
06/08/2012 - Added View Manager 5.x
07/17/2012 - Updated/added ports for Converter 5.x, vCenter 5.x; added info for vCenter Server Appliance
07/26/2012 - Updated port to 50002 for View 4.5.x, 4.6.x and 5.x for View Client to View Agent only
07/31/2012 - Added port 1024 for vCenter 5.x
08/10/2012 - Updated table for View 4.5.x, 4.6.x, and 5.x for ports 4172 and 50002
08/10/2012 - Added bookmark for View 5.x
10/17/2012 - Added vCenter 5.1 SSO/Tomcat ports
11/06/2012 - Added port 902 for View 5.x
02/21/2013 - Added link to VMware Mirage
02/25/2013 - Added vCenter Inventory Service port 10111
03/14/2013 - Replaced Site Recovery Manager info with link to 1009562
03/11/2014 - Added ports for vSAN; updated link to Horizon Mirage documentation
04/03/2014 - Added link to vSphere 5.5 security guide
05/08/2014 - Corrected port 50002 entries for View 4.5.x, 4.6.x, and 5.x
09/23/2014 - Added EVO:RAIL 1.x to the last column under the Resolution section
09/26/2014 - Added vSphere Web client to ports 80 and 443 for vCenter 5.x; and Port 80 to Orchestrator
01/19/2016 - Added port 8009 for vCenter Server 6.0.
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