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Configuring an ESXi/ESX host to capture a VMkernel coredump from a purple diagnostic screen (1000328)

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This article provides an overview of configuring VMware ESXi/ESX with a location for storing diagnostic information during a purple diagnostic screen and host failure.

For more information on collecting diagnostic information from the disk or network location after a purple screen error, see Collecting diagnostic information from an ESX or ESXi host that experiences a purple diagnostic screen (1004128).
During a host failure with a purple diagnostic screen, VMware ESXi/ESX attempts to save diagnostic information to one or more pre-configured locations. The available target locations and the methods to configure the host differ between versions of ESXi/ESX.

If the host is configured with a location for saving a coredump, but does not successfully record a coredump during a purple diagnostic screen, there are issues with either the storage medium or the connection to the storage medium. Configure an alternate target for saving the coredump to successfully capture diagnostic information from a subsequent outage.

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