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System Error Message, "Spin count exceeded (EventQueue, 448) - possible deadlock" (2306)


When writing new data blocks into a redo log, the system might need to update redo log metadata on disk. In some rare cases, the metadata update I/O request is issued from a time-bound execution context so that the request is delayed in underlying layers and the context hits a timeout with the following message:

Spin count exceeded (EventQueue, 448) - possible deadlock 

This problem occurs only on redo logs greater than 1GB in size. Furthermore, the chances of occurrence are highest around the time the redo log file size hovers just above gigabyte boundaries. The metadata update should also correspond to a redo log file block that was not read from or written to during the lifetime of the virtual machine. This is rare.


Commit your redo logs before their size exceeds 1GB.
If your machine has already stopped responding due to this problem, perform an offline commit of the redo log before restarting the affected virtual machine after the next host power on.

Warning: If you are using multiple redo logs, it might be impossible to determine which redo log caused the system to stop responding.
Note: This issue is fixed in ESX Server 3.0.1.

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