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Cannot log in to portal and receive error message: "Please input valid username and password." (2100027)


An end user is unable to log into their VMware Horizon DaaS Desktop Portal, or an admin is unable to log into their Enterprise Center and receives this error: 'Please input valid username and password.'


Note: This article is applicable to the following products:
  • VMware Horizon DaaS Bundle (VDI/RDSH Edition)
  • VMware Horizon Air
  • VMware Horizon DaaS On Premise Platform


Steps to Resolve:

1. Confirm that the username and password entered correctly. Retry the login to confirm correct credential entry.

2. Confirm that the user or admin is logging into the right portal (Desktop Portal vs Enterprise Center). The Enterprise Center URL has admin appended to it.

3. Verify that the user is a member of the specified User Group(s) (for the Desktop Portal) or the Admin Group(s) (for the Enterprise Center):

  • Look up what the full name of the group is:
    • Have an admin log into their Enterprise Center.
    • Have the admin identify the User Groups in ConfigurationDomains > <DomainName> > User Groups or Admin Groups.
  • Confirm the user is a member of the group.

Note: The admin performing this must be an Active Directory admin.

  • Have the admin log into his Active Directory.
  • Look up the user name.
  • Look at the groups the user or admin belongs to, confirm it is a member of the appropriate group from step 3.
  • If it is not a member of the groups, the admin will need to add them to the groups. They should then be able to connect.

4. If the customer's Active Directory is hosted in a different data center than the virtual desktops, networking problems may also cause this error. If this is suspected or if the previous steps have not identified the issue and re-escalate issue to VMware Horizon DaaS Support.


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