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Pool settings are not saved, new pools cannot be created, and vCenter Server tasks are not processed in a Horizon View environment (2082413)


  • You are unable to successfully apply pool settings.
  • Virtual machines may stall when deleting, provisioning, or customizing.
  • When creating a new pool, the folder is created in vCenter Server but no other tasks occur.
  • Connection server dashboards show different information on different connection servers
  • The Connection server Administrator dashboard shows a red error status for vCenter and/or Composer certificates. When viewing the certificates, they cannot be accepted.


If you are experiencing this issue, please work through all the steps below. Do not reboot your Connection Servers except when requested by VMware Technical Support representative, or in step 9 as required.

  1. Before proceeding with the following steps, gather a log bundle from each Connection Server in your View environment. For more information on gathering Horizon View logs, see Collecting diagnostic information for VMware Horizon View (1017939).

  2. Verify that all Connection Servers are correctly configured with 10GB RAM and 4 vCPU.

    For more information, see the knowledgebase article View Connection Server reports the error: [ws_TomcatService] STDOUT: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space (2009877) or the Hardware Requirements for View Connection Server portion of the View 6.0 Administration guide.

  3. Verify that all Connection Servers in the View Pod experiencing trouble are fully functional and replicating all information correctly.

    Go to the local web console of each Connection Server in the View Pod and verify that all displayed information is identical across all of the Connection Servers. If any of the servers are in a red state or their local web consoles cannot be reached, follow the articles below:

    Cannot connect to the VMware Horizon View Connection Server/Security Server (2078101)                
    View Manager dashboard shows one of the Connection Servers as not available (2012292)               
    View Connection Server fails to replicate (2014488)                
    Forcing replication between ADAM databases (1021805)

  4. Verify that you do not have vCOperations Manager for Horizon View Broker Agent version 1.5 installed in your View environment. Please note that only one instance of the V4V Broker Agent needs to be installed on one Connection Server. This will require checking all Connection Servers in the View Pod if you are unsure which Connection Server is running the V4V Broker Agent. This has been confirmed to prevent View Administrator commands from running properly in vCenter.  

    For more information, see knowledgebase article View Administrator commands do not run in vCenter Server when the V4H Broker Agent is installed (2090736).

  5. Verify that the vCenter is working properly and communicating with View.

    For more information, see knowledgebase articles:

    VMware Horizon View Admin dashboard for vCenter Server 5.1 displays the message: VC service is not working properly (2050369)
    Troubleshooting Horizon View user permission issues with vCenter Server (2085142)

  6. Ensure that the  vCenter Server and its sub-components (vSphere SSO, vSphere Web Client, etc.) meet the necessary hardware requirements for the environment.

    For more information, see knowledgebase article Installing vCenter Server 5.5 best practices (2052334).

  7. If the issue is not resolved, and at least 15 or more minutes have passed since the log collection in step 1, repeat step 1 to gather a second set of logs on all Connection Servers.

  8. File a support request with VMware Technical Support and note this Knowledgebase article ID (2082413) in the problem description. For more information on filing a Support Request, see Filing a Support Request in My VMware (2006985).

  9. If possible, do not reboot your environment until speaking with a VMware Technical Support representative to allow VMware to review and collect any additional data required. If a reboot is necessary, please gather a third set of logs after rebooting all Connection Servers. Ensure all three sets of log bundles have been provided within your Support Request.

    VMware strongly advises speaking with technical support prior to rebooting your servers, however if you choose to perform the reboot without talking to VMware Technical Support:

    1. Shut down all View Connection Servers at the same time.
      Note: The Connection Servers must be shut down, not restarted.
    2. After shutting down the Connection Servers, leave them shut down for a minimum of 30 seconds.
    3. Power on all Connection Servers:
      • For View 5.2 and later, it is recommended to do rolling restarts with intervals of no more than 30 to 60 seconds between servers. If the servers are not restarted at short intervals startup delays can occur on the Connection  Servers.
      • For View 5.1.x and earlier, the Connection Servers can be restarted with larger intervals but this is not recommended.
    4. Monitor vCenter Server tasks to confirm that View tasks are processing normally.


Powering off all View Connection Servers may cause disconnected sessions, and no new users can connect while the servers are powered down. You may wish to arrange a maintenance window to complete this operation.

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