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VMware vCloud Hybrid Service
VMware vCloud Hybrid Service 1.0.x


What is VMware vCloud Hybrid Service?

VMware vCloud Hybrid Service quickly and seamlessly extends your data center into the cloud using the tools and processes you already have. Operated by VMware and built on the trusted vSphere foundation, vCloud Hybrid Service delivers the reliability and security you need, plus full compatibility with your existing environment. With these unique advantages, vCloud Hybrid Service is the best and fastest route to hybrid cloud, backed by VMware support and our global ecosystem of partners.

A Complete, and Completely Compatible, Cloud Infrastructure Service

vCloud Hybrid Service is a highly reliable, stable and secure cloud service, operated and supported by VMware and built on our vSphere and vCloud platforms. It advances you to a complete hybrid cloud in hours, not weeks or months, because there is no infrastructure or software to buy, install, run, or maintain.

The service is more than merely compatible: it’s the same platform you run internally—it will support your existing applications without requiring rewrites.

From the moment of delivery, the entire stack is completely interoperable with your data center environment. Use all your familiar processes and run your existing applications just as they are.

Broadest OS and Application Support – The Fastest Path to Cloud

VMware vCloud Hybrid Service is not just compatible with your current IT investment, it is exactly the same platform that you run internally. vCloud Hybrid Service supports the thousands of applications and dozens of operating systems that are certified to run on VMware vSphere, so you can run your applications in the cloud with no changes required.

Seamless Network Integration – Extend Beyond Your Current Data Center

VMware provides a seamless hybrid cloud platform across the firewall, to support all IT and all applications. That means your IT infrastructure can extend beyond the physical limits of your data center to the cloud, without you having to change how you do things.

Reliability and Manageability – Driving Down Your Risk and Cost of Ownership

VMware delivers the security, reliability, and performance you need from a hybrid cloud platform. You can write, deploy, and manage applications in the cloud the same way you do today, relying on the underlying platform to provide application availability rather than redesigning your applications to work around expected platform limitations.

How Do I Get Started?

For more information about VMware vCloud Hybrid Service, see:

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