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Firewall requirements for vCenter Operations Manager SMTP alerts (2039445)


  • Unable to send emails from the vCenter Operations Manager (vCOPS) setup
  • In the /data/vcops/log/analytics.log file, you see entries similar to::

    2012-11-05 12:59:21,645 DEBUG [Thread-11] - Fetching email job from queue..
    2012-11-05 12:59:21,645 DEBUG [Thread-11] - Processing emailJob Email job for rule : 1 | created at = 1351828019215
    2012-11-05 12:59:42,844 WARN [Thread-11] - Resend failed for : Email job for rule : 1 | created at = 1351828019215
    javax.mail.MessagingException: Could not connect to SMTP host: SMTP Server, port: 25;

  • You have verified that the SMTP is properly configured in the Admin UI


This issue occurs if:

  • The firewall blocks the SMTP traffic coming from the Analytics VM.
  • The SMTP server connection had timed out while attempting to connect.
In vCOPS, the emails are sent for Alerts and Scheduled Reports.

By design:
  • Alert emails are sent from the Analytics VM
  • Scheduled Reports emails are sent from the UI VM


To resolve this issue, ensure that the firewall allows SMTP traffic for both Analytics and UI VMs for successful retrieval of emails for Alerts and Scheduled Reports.

To retrieve the SMTP settings:

  1. Log in to the UI virtual machine as an admin user.
  2. To get the SMTP server details, run this command:

    vcops-admin smtp info

  3. Telnet to the SMTP server from Analytics VM on Port 25 to verify the connectivity.

    Note: SMTP is usually configured on port 25, but this may vary in some environments.


vCOPS, SMTP, Firewall

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