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Adding additional storage to the VMware vRealize Operations Manager Analytics or UI virtual machine (2016022)


This article provides steps to add additional storage capacity to the vRealize Operations Manager (formerly known as vCenter Operations Manager) Analytics or UI virtual machine (VM). Each virtual machine has a database that grows over time, potentially requiring additional disk space.
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    To add more disk space to a vApp:

    Note: In VMware vCenter Operations Manager 6.x, increase the disk space equally on all nodes in the analytics cluster (master, replica and data).

    1. Right-click the vApp container in vCenter Server and click Power Off.
    2. In the vSphere Client inventory, right-click the Analytics or UI VM and click Edit Settings.
    3. Click the Hardware tab and click Add.
    4. Click Hard Disk and click Next.
    5. Select Create a new virtual disk and click Next.
    6. Set Disk Size to an appropriate value.
    7. Select a disk provisioning format, if applicable.

      Note: When possible, select the Thick Provision Eager Zeroed option by choosing fault tolerance (FT).

    8. Select a location to store the disk and click Next.
    9. Accept the default Virtual Device Node and click Next.
    10. Review the information and click Finish.
    11. Click OK. The new storage is now added to the Analytics or UI VM.
    12. Right-click the vApp container and click Power On.

      Note: The vApp has a specific start up and shutdown sequence managed by the vApp container. In a Power On operation, the Analytics VM starts first. In a Power Off operation, the UI VM shuts down first.
    After adding the additional storage capacity, power on the Analytics or UI VM. The Analytics or UI VM discovers the additional storage and adds it to the /data partition.

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    Update History

    07/16/2012 - Clarified how to select Thick Provision Eager Zeroed.

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