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Exporting RSA key fails with the error: Key not valid for use in specified state. FAILED! (2014748)


  • Migrating your View Composer service from, for example, Server A to Server B results in a subsequent failure when migrating from Server B to Server C. 
  • Exporting the RSA key from Server B fails.
  • The command aspnet_regiis -px “SviKeyContainer” “keys.xml” -pri results in the error:

    Key not valid for use in specified state.


The issue occurs if you run an incorrect command when importing the private RSA key on the first migration (for example, from Server A to Server B).

The command aspnet_regiis -pi “SviKeyContainer” “path\keys.xml” works without error, but it is incorrect and causes subsequent export attempts to fail.


When importing the RSA key on the first migration, use the command:
aspnet_regiis -pi “SviKeyContainer” “path\keys.xml” -exp

If you incorrectly imported the RSA key into Server B and now cannot export the RSA key, you can work around this issue.

To import the RSA key:
  1. Locate the original RSA key export file from Server A.
  2. Run the command on Server B to re-import the RSA file with the correct parameters:

    aspnet_regiis -pi “SviKeyContainer” “path\keys.xml” -exp

  3. Export the RSA key from Server B. 
Note: For further information on migrating the RSA Key Container, see the section Migrate the RSA Key Container to the New View Composer Service in the VMware View 5.1 Upgrade Guide.

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