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Adding missing fields to the Alert Handler window for email alerts after upgrading to vCenter Operations Enterprise 1.0.2 (2012638)


If you upgrade from vCenter Operations Enterprise 1.0 or 1.0.1 to vCenter Operations Enterprise 1.0.2, the IS_SECURE_CONNECTION, SECURE_CONNECTION_TYPE, IS_REQUIRES_AUTHENTICATION, USERNAME, and PASSWORD fields are missing on the Alert Handler window when you select Email from the Outbound Alert Type drop-down menu.


Run the attached script for your database type to insert the missing records into the database. After you run the script, the missing fields appear on the Alert Handler window and you can type values in the fields when you create a new alert handler instances. Alert handler instances that were created before running the script are not updated and must be deleted and recreated.

After running the script, you might notice that one or more fields are not visible in the Alert Handler window. You can use the Tab key and Shift+Tab key sequence to move back and forth through the visible and non-visible fields.


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