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Converting a snapshot file to memory dump using the vmss2core tool (2003941)


  • Cannot run the vmss2core tool
  • Running the vmss2core tool fails
  • You see this error in the command line:

    Failed to locate memory. Memory block and no separate .vmem file supplied.


This article provides steps to convert a snapshot file to a memory dump using vmss2core tool. Developers can use this tool to debug guest operating systems and applications by converting a virtual machine checkpoint into a core dump file. The checkpoint can either be a snapshot or suspend file. You can select a variety of core dump formats that standard debuggers understand.


To create the memory dump if the virtual machine is on Workstation 7.x or Fusion 3.x:
  1. Change directory to one of the following locations depending on your installation type:

    • Windows – C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Workstation\
    • Linux – /usr/bin/
    • Mac OS – /Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/

      Note: If vmss2core is not available in these install directories, you can download it here.

  2. Run the vmss2core tool with the option to create a memory dump

    vmss2core -W virtual_machine_name.vmss virutal_machine_name.vmem
To create the memory dump if the virtual machine is on an ESX/ESXi host:
  1. Run this command to determine the world ID of the virtual machine:

    vm-support -x

  2. Run this command to suspend the virtual machine:

    vm-support –Z  world_ID

    For alternative methods, see Suspending a virtual machine on ESX/ESXi to collect diagnostic information (2005831).

  3. Copy the virtual_machine_name.vmss file to the location where you have the vmss2core tool
  4. Run the vmss2core tool with the option to create a memory dump

    vmss2core –W virtual_machine_name.vmss

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Update History

10/08/2012 - Added command to determine the world ID 10/12/2012 - Added link to download vmss2core 03/28/2013 - Added link to article 2005831

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