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Upgrading VMware Tools in a Deployed VMware ACE Virtual Machine (1762)


I have end users who already have VMware ACE packages installed on their computers. I plan to distribute an update package that includes the new application software from a more recent version of VMware ACE. I am including only the application, leaving the virtual machine undisturbed. How do I update VMware Tools inside the deployed virtual machines?


To update VMware Tools in your end users' virtual machines, you need to copy the installer files to an appropriate location, then use your existing patch management software to apply the update to the virtual machines.

If you have access to a program that allows you to mount and copy files from an ISO image file, you can use it to locate and copy the VMware Tools installer files. Those ISO files are in the main program directory for VMware ACE Manager. By default, that directory is C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware ACE Manager. The filenames indicate which type of guest operating system each ISO file supports. The filenames are windows.iso, linux.iso, netware.iso, and freebsd.iso.

You may also copy the files from within a virtual machine running in VMware ACE Manager. To do so, take the following steps:

  1. Start a virtual machine running the appropriate guest operating system -- for example, if you need the files to install VMware Tools in a Windows virtual machine, start any Windows virtual machine.
  2. Choose VM>Install VMware Tools.
  3. A dialog box presents a message describing the benefits of VMware Tools. Click Install. VMware ACE Manager temporarily connects the virtual machine's CD-ROM drive to the appropriate ISO image file.
  4. If the VMware Tools installer starts automatically, cancel it. In a Windows guest operating system, for example, a dialog box offers to upgrade VMware Tools and asks you if you want to continue. Click No.
  5. Navigate to the virtual machine's CD-ROM drive and copy all the files and directories to a location where you can work with them.

Now you are ready to repackage and deploy these files using your existing patch management software.


1762; ACE101

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